Pretty Wild Party.. Best Dressed..


Pretty Wild Party.. The Hosts..

Stardoll Low On Money??

I Have Come To The Conclusion That Stardoll Is Low On Money… (Or Just Want More Of Our Money) Over The Past Weeks I Have Seen Adverts Pop Up Onto The Pages, They Have 2 On Every Page You Go On And On The Stardoll Dress Up Page They Have Managed To Squeeze Annother One In!

I Have Also Figured Out That Strardoll Is Sponsored By T-Mobile, T-Mobile Will Be Paying A Lot To Have Their Name Spread Across Stardoll. If Someone Can Get A Sidekick On Stardoll, They Will Most Likely Want One In Real Life.

This May Also Explain The Rise In Prices For Superstar Memberships, Hot Buys And Stardollars.


Pretty Wild Party..

Pretty Wild Party

Thursday 31st July

Guestbook Of xLou26

Dress Up In An Outfit Inspired By A Wild Animal, This Parties Best Dressed List Will Be Set At A Very High Standard So Make Sure You Look The Part 🙂

The Winner Of The Design A SFF Tee Contest Will Also Be Announced

(Thank You To Steelone Who Made The Invite For Me)

From The Runway To Stardoll..

Mimi_Mami’s Birthday Bash.. Best Dressed..

Mimi_Mami’s Birthday Bash.. The Hosts..