Rip Off??

Im Hoping More People Than Just Me Are Outraged At The Price Of The 2 Hot Buy Dresses Released The Other Night. Even Though I Already Have These I Am Very Shocked. They Came Out At $15, Then Taken Down To $10 And Now A Shocking $16!! Is They Really Worth That Much? The 2 Previous Outfits Shown In The Blog Cost $16 Each, What Would You Rather Have? And Is It Fair That Some People Got It Cheaper Than Others??

Let Us Know What You Think!



23 Responses to Rip Off??

  1. ash97rox says:

    Thats so UNFAIR!!
    Stardoll is going down the toilet with these ridicoulus things like this!!

  2. surfsandandsun :D says:

    I think it good they’re coming out with old Hot Buys,
    but for collectors, I understand how you feel… I would feel the same.
    Anyway, I could see why they raised it. Think about it- They know people will buy it. They want to suck up your stardollars as fast as they can so you can buy more! And you know what? People get sucked in and they do! Sorry for writing such a long comment… ): Haha.

  3. Lise_95 says:

    OMG! Before they coast 8! I got them for 8! :))

  4. Dora says:

    Yes I got them for 8 too. But it’s a shame to put it for 16, it really is. Thats horrid, but my friend bought them. BOTH. She spent 32 stardollars on the dresses that are going to leave plaza in 2 weeks and come back after 3 months in a price that is – 6-9 stardollars. I don’t get what stardoll is trying to prove with this… 😀

  5. Maxie says:

    I think its a ripoff.

  6. radiotigre says:

    That’s a shame, you know. I saw them for 10$, but I thought: yeah, I’ll just buy ’em later. And later, I saw a shocking value of 16$! That’s not fair at all.

  7. Ugh, I was so upset when I went to the shop and saw it for 10. I was one of the may who bought the grey dress for 15, then a few minutes later it was marked down to 10. Stardoll needs to pick a price and stick with it, make up their minds before they release it.

  8. Oanafergie says:

    That’s not fair! yesterday when they’ve put the dresses on I had only 2 stardollars. Today I got money and I bought them for 32! I hope that after some weeks/months I will win a lot of stardollars for it.

  9. Sarah says:

    I think its fair… I had to pay like 20 before Stardoll decided to rerelease them! Its not fair that their rereleasing them.. so I think if they DO rerelease them, then they should have to pay a lot as well. :/

  10. izzy says:

    this is why i think it is unfiar!:

    !they are soo pricy
    ! stardoll just want money
    !they are superstar!

  11. Lauren says:

    I WAS OUTRAGED to see them at that high a price considering previous ones were cheap!

  12. Im gonna keep my eyes peeled for if stardoll lower the prices again! i think $16 is just beyond ridiculous!!!

  13. xASHLEYxHANNEYx says:

    I know how unfair ?
    i got mines for like 10$
    and even then it was like whoaaa..
    but htey defo know that people will buy them anyway coz they were rare but there not rare if sd brings them back really are they ?

  14. v_123_rocs says:

    i can’t believe stardoll does this….but it’s like whatever because superstars can get it cause apparently they’re rich..but still the prices are a lot

  15. :-( says:

    I really hate it that stardoll raises the prices!!! That’s so unfair that the dresses cost now 16!

  16. Maxine says:

    I happened to have them for 10 sd but still expensive I think cause before they were released for 8 and now you have to buy them for 16 ? Oh my… and these are only for a dress. When they will get out and go to the starbazaar 60 here we come – come on guyz we have to earn some profit right ???

  17. CatChecks says:

    I know! It’s just stupid… What other hotbuys are for sale at the moment? I know the pink one fo 5$, But wat are the others? Say here if you know!
    p.s. Maybe selling emily strange (designed by emoocore) and liprint

  18. I know it suxs! I was low on $$ so I couldn’t buy them and now I have $$ and I have 2 pay 16 stardollars! 😦 I’m soo mad! Plus it’s only a dress! Also why are hotbuys so popular!?

  19. Tania says:

    i think it is a rip off the one that is yellow is cuter and the other one is ugler

  20. 44shaza says:

    I totally agree!

    I hope stardoll lowers the price!

  21. I Hope Stardoll Lowers The Prices,Because That Is A Lot Of Money!!

  22. seasonstyle says:

    My friend, LollipopGirl44 told me that she was so happy for it to come out, but she was upset that is was so overpriced. She bought it, but that is past too much, but the price in bazaars was about $50, but still either way, overpriced. Click on my little puppy!

  23. Kas1996 says:

    THAT SUCKS!!! I payed $16 for each! I’m glad they came back out but COME ON!!!!

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