Sent from heaven!

Steelone has been sent from heaven, she is a true angel! But no only her, her outfit has been too! This outfit is gorgeous, she has put together many shirts, skirts, and dresses! This is her second time on the best dressed, and I have to say I am loving each and every one of her outfits! It looks heavenly! Maybe take some tips from her outfit!

Keep up the great work Steelone!



4 Responses to Sent from heaven!

  1. anonymus says:

    steelone’s style is amazing! but i thought this was a blog where you were going to show other people, and you already recognized steelone. how about others whos style is just as good?

  2. stardollfashionforward says:

    As Soon As We Saw Her Outfit We Thought She Deserved To Be Recognised Again. However We Have Only Been Running For 2 Days So There Is Plently Of Time To Discover Other Users With Fabulous Outfits. xLou26

  3. snapple2 says:

    Anonymous,as Lou said we just fell in love with her outfit again…like you fall in love with chocolate or something,you just can’t help it right?Lol.We are looking for another person right now.:)

    snapple2;Keisha;other owner

  4. radiotigre says:

    Yeah, she’s gorgeous. Like, fell from the heaven. At least her outfit is pure white, which is a big plus on my list. Pretty good one! 😀

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