What’s Going On!!

Well, Stardoll Is Having Fun And Cashing In A Lot Of Money With The Re Release Of Old Hot Buys And Rares. And Yes That Picture Is Correct.. Those Hot Buys Shoes Are For All Stardoll Members! As For The Price.. Annother Rip Off? Or Is This Just One Of Many Prices Stardoll Will Set? The 4 Items With Rare Written Down The Side Are Collectors Items Now Back For Sale Again.. Is This A Good Thing? As A Collector Myself My “Rare Items” List Is Getting Shorter And Shorter With Each Clothes Release Stardoll Has!



2 Responses to What’s Going On!!

  1. Dora says:

    :0 I didn’t notest the shoes we’re for non superstars…Anyway…that natalie dress is super-rare… And I got the shoes back then when they were for 5 $. The bag is not that rare, but still rare =D

  2. Sheba says:

    Im so happy i have the natalie dress. I didnt know its rare! Thank you so much!

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