Hot Buy Pages.. Old Vs New

These Days Stardoll Is Making A Lot Of Changes, You All Would Of Noticed Your New Suite Features. However There Are Some “Old” Features That I Would Love Stardoll To Bring Back. The Quality Of Todays Hot Buy Pages In The Show Are Quite Disappointing, Not Only For The Hot Buys They Include But Also The Layout. Older Stardoll Members Will Remember These Pages, Newer Members Will Be Seeing These For The First Time. The Quality Of The Hot Buys Pages Shown Above Is Outstanding, This Is Mainly Due To Stardoll Once Working With Elle To Create Them. But Its Simple Things Like This That Would Make A Lot Of Stardoll Users Happy. What Do You Think, Do You Prefere The Old Or New Hot Buy Pages??

(Sorry To Stamp All Over The Pics But We Do Not Want Them Used By Anyone Else)



3 Responses to Hot Buy Pages.. Old Vs New

  1. I agree! i really wish they could bring back the nike’s!

  2. Dora says:

    When Stardoll worked with ELLE it was so great. It even inspired me to get my dad to buy me an ELLE mobile phone for my birthday, Then those horrid boring HB pages came. I don’t know why they stopped…

  3. i miss the old hot buys and the old stardoll… =[ the starplaza is lame.. and is is the excessive amounts of rooms in our suites. the magazine now is horrid, and most of the clothes and hot buys are dissapointing. stardoll in fall and winter 2006 were the glory days…

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