Missing DKNY..

Have You Ever Seen This DKNY Top Before? It Was Made To Be Released But Where Did It Disappear To? I Absolutely Love This Outfit (Without The Long Black DKNY Top), The First Time I Saw It Was On A Stardoll Member Who Is Now Long Gone (Deleted For Hacking). There Is Also A Rumour Circulating About A Black DKNY Sequin Belt (Like The Pink One).. But I Have Never Seen That Before. Have You?



2 Responses to Missing DKNY..

  1. Dora says:

    I saw that one but never payed attention to it. But it was in the plaza, I think so. :/

  2. Um she must be a hacker! I know alot of hackin’ tricks! And I have all dkny I have that shirt. I’m not goin’ 2 tell u how.

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