New “Outrageously Priced” Hot Buys..

Both Of These Dresses Have Been Labelled Hot Buys So Will Be Featured In Next Months Hot Buy Page. However They Have Again Been Set At A Rediculous High Price But Are For All Stardoll Members.

Non Superstars Will Increase Their Stardollars By $1 Each Day By Logging In, To Buy ONE Of These Dresses They Will Have To Wait 15 or 16 Days To Get It, By That Time They Will No Longer Be Available In The Starplaza As Hot Buys Only Stay In For 2 Weeks So In The End Many Non Superstars Will Not Be Able To Purchace Them Anyway. Instead They Could Save Up For 12 Days And Purchase Some Stupidly Expensive Accessories.. If Only They Werent Superstar Only..



6 Responses to New “Outrageously Priced” Hot Buys..

  1. Dora says:

    I love the earrings but too bad I’m always broke XD

    Altough I did buy the sunglasses and the blue dress, but still, the prices are horrid.

  2. HRF.Magazine says:

    Stardoll must have released by now that we thought it was a rip-off having us spend over 60 stardollars on an old hotbuy in the bazzar and then having them released again for 5 or 6 stardollars and have used their clever minds to still release the hotbuys but for a lot more money – which will still make your item you spent a lot on vaualbe.

  3. stardollfashionforward says:

    I Can Agree For Stardoll Clothes.. But Stardoll Jewellery You Cannot Sell So Why The High Price? Other Than The Fact They Are Trying To Take As Much Money Off Us As Possible.

  4. anita_anita_yop says:

    the prices are toop expensive they are stilling us! (thts a way for say it)
    so i dont really get why that is happening!

  5. beth says:

    I think the new prices are awfulL!!
    we should all complain!
    12sd for earrings is way too much

  6. perkypink94 says:

    their expensive x[[

    and u no wat?stardoll isnt giving me 50 stardollars per week or 200 stardollars per month! which makes it harder to buy stuf…so whats the point on wasting ur money to be ss if u cant get the money ? :-s

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