**Spoiler** Breaking News..

I Would Like To Thank Dora Or hrvatica_97 As She Is Known In The Stardoll World For Guessing That Candies Was Coming To Stardoll. She Left A Comment In The Previous Post About starInterior. I Immediately Linked Kohl’s With The Interior, Forgetting They Had Anything To Do With Clothes. As You Can See By The Picture Candies Is Coming To Stardoll.

Visit http://www.candies.com To See The Real Clothes.. To See Some Of The Stardoll Clothes Visit The Post Before This One!

Callie Makes Candies At Kohls Official :D! This Has Recently Been Posted In Callie’s Comp But At The Moment Has A Faulty Link To Haydens Doll.

xLou26 & snapple2


6 Responses to **Spoiler** Breaking News..

  1. Dora says:

    Hehe, thanks xD

  2. lore says:

    really gr8 !!!!

  3. fashionnbible says:

    Lou and Snapple, this blog is great! You always get the news before any other blog! How?!
    Are you accepting writers for your blog? I’d really want to help.
    I’m soovintage on stardoll, btw.

  4. rbdangel8 says:

    No wonder the blue plaid dress from the previous post looked familiar! I saw it at Kohl’s when I went shopping. Dora’s a pretty good guesser. =)

  5. xmiley_fanx2468 says:

    That’s awesome!

  6. jenminne says:

    yay!, i hope they put in the gold jacket sweater thing Hayden was wearing in the music video, i love that thing!

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