**Spoiler** Indian Theme..

This Is The Next Stop On The Global Pattern Theme, This Colourful Indian Collection Is Sure To Brighten Up Any Suite. The Candles Are Me Favourite Item Out Of The Lot, The Rest Of The Items Will Be Hard To Use In Already Decorated Rooms. What Do You Think Of These Items?

xLou26 & Snapple2


8 Responses to **Spoiler** Indian Theme..

  1. lore says:

    they look cool the candle are my fave too all items are really colorific thats cool

  2. kerendd9 says:

    wow really nice.
    and that girl below really knows how to get a perfect outfit:)
    i like her style, did she won covergirl? thats cool
    me too;]

    love the blog, amazing, really.<3

  3. kerendd9 says:

    oh and i wanted to ask how do you know all what is going to be in stardoll
    like the candies clothes [with Hayden]
    that is really interesting!

  4. kerendd9 says:

    i really want a blog like that
    maybe i can help here sometimes.
    only if you will want me for help i would love too!

  5. Dora says:

    kerendd9, I’d love to help too (with the blog) but I don’t think Lou and Keisha would wan’t that, that is their blog :]]]]]

  6. hotschoolgirl97 says:

    Im Not Really Too Excited For The Indian Theme. As They Mentioned The Only Thing You Can Use With A Room That Has Already Been Styled Is The Candles. The Rest Fits In With Its’ Own Theme, Not Really A..How Can I Call It….Multi-Use Theme.

  7. beccayerrr says:

    I’m not too sure about it. You’d have to like make an entire new room just to add these items. It seems like abit of a waste. I’m also not too sure about this whole global patterns thing, the patterns seem too crazy for my likings. Although the american theme was great! :]

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