Only $4??

After The Last Hot Buys Were Released At High Prices.. Why Are These Hot Buy Pants So Low? Is It Because They Are So Ugly No One Will Want To Buy Them? Tell Us What You Think..

xLou26 & snapple2


8 Responses to Only $4??

  1. Dora says:

    Yeah, they are kinda…IDK XD

  2. Heiva Magazine says:

    I think it is because Stardoll feel guilty for making the other ‘Ugly’ Hotbuys Dresses so high and they knew many Stardollians were getting fed up so they decided to make these pants so low.

  3. lore says:

    yes thoes pants are ugly. and have u seen the kohl’s clothes there are cheap and ther are non superstar

  4. Mango99999 says:

    I think stardoll are testing to see how many more people will buy hotbuys if they are cheaper. Obviously they dont realise this isn’t a fair test because these are truly horrible pants!

  5. aa says:

    even if they cost 2 sd i woudnt buy them

  6. Ashley Megan says:

    I think they are truely ugly pants.
    I mean come one what the fuck
    Stardoll can do way better

  7. NicoleMarie17x3 says:

    yeah the pants are ugly. :p

  8. Hayley says:

    Okay what the fuck.
    These pants are hideous.
    I think they made the price so low
    because they are, honestly, the ugliest
    Hot Buy they’ve ever made.
    Seriously, look at them.
    They remind me a Cher, or something.
    Come on, StarDoll.
    We buy Hot Buys becasude they’re hot.
    This is truly a “Fucked Up Buy.”

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