Design A SFF Tee Contest..

Hey Readers, During A Party Me And Snapple Decided To Have A Contest To See Who Could Make The Best SFF Tee! This Was My Very Poor Attempt At One So Im Sure You Can All Do Much Better :D!

The Person Who Designs The Best Tee Will Win A SMS Code.. You Do Not Have To Purchase The Tee In Order To Win You Can Send Us A Picture Through A Image Holding Website Such As Photobucket Or Imageshack.

This Contest Will End Next Thursday So Make Sure You Show Us Your Tees!

xLou26 & Snapple2


25 Responses to Design A SFF Tee Contest..

  1. onlyme_cute says:

    im in cool contest

  2. onlyme_cute says:

    and the one you made is cool

  3. 11,Alice.11 says:

    Where do we send the designs to? Could you send me an e-mail from your e-mail to so I know where to send the designs?

  4. xhonestex says:

    Since I’m non superstar, I can’t buy, or even view my design on a tshirt! Grr…

    But here is the design I made. Hopefully you can imagine it on a tshirt. :]

    Ernie x

  5. Nicole :) says:

    Hey, I love this site and i visit it all the time for the stardoll gossip and everything. I have entered the contest also! (: And if you would like to know, my stardoll username is NicoleMarie17x3.

    Here is the t-shirt:

    If you’ve ever seen the “I love NY” t-shirts, then you’ll understand the shirt. But if you havent seen the t-shirts, or you live out of the United States, then you probably won’t understand it. If you don’t understand it, then I’ll make another one. Thanks! (:

  6. hotschoolgirl97 says:

    Oh Im Entering! This Is Gonna Be So Fun!

  7. Smilya767 says:

    I have also entered the contest too. It may not be the best picture ever of it because I took it with my computer. It is acctually brighter than it looks. 😉

  8. hotschoolgirl97 says:

    Okay I Have Made My Design But I Don’t Know How It Looks On The Page Because It Doesn’t Let Me See It.

    The T-Shirt:

    Let Me Give A Short Explanation On Why I Made That Design.

    I Am A Very Big Fan And Reader Of SFF And I Am Sure That There Are Other People Who Like This Blog As Much As Me, So I Decided To Go With A Design That Could Fit And Speak Out How People Feel About This Blog. =) Hope I Win.


  9. allthelateststardoll says:

    Hey I love your site! (:
    I have just started a blog about Stardoll today and I’m wondering if you wanted to check it out or post it on your site so that I could get more popular with it and everything.

    Well, here’s the link:

    I’m going to put more gossip soon, but maybe you could check it out? Thanks so much!

  10. jackson66 says:

    Hey! Here’s a link for mine design…

    Hope you like it!


  11. cookspups101 says:

    I am wearing my shirt. Tosee it click on my name above or on the link below

  12. onlyme_cute says:

    hi herw is the link for my shirt hope you like it.

  13. onlyme_cute says:
  14. mis.c says:

    Here’s my tee. I don’t think it’s going to get better so…

    Hope the links work!


  15. mis.c says:

    ow yeah, my stardoll name’s mis.cellaneous…

  16. Dora says:

    Wow some of you made great ones!
    I am sure of losing, I am sooo making new ones! XD

  17. hotschoolgirl97 says:

    Wow! You Guys Have Some Really Awesome Tees. Makes Mine Really Sucky. I Might Make A New One.


  18. xhonestex says:

    Sorry, I changed mine. The colors weren’t as good on the first one.


  19. allthelateststardoll says:

    Hey I changed mine around a little bit to make it look better and I also bought it. Please go to my Stardoll Suite to see the t-shirt I have made. I am wearing it.

    My username is: NicoleMarie17x3

    Thanks! And tell me if you have any problems, which you probably wont!

  20. cookspups101 says:

    oh ya, and if there is anything that you son’t like about mine, I can change it.

  21. allthelateststardoll says:

    Hey, I am sorry I am being so annoying. lol.

    I just would like to know if you’ve visited my suite to see my t-shirt yet. I don’t want to take it off if you haven’t seen it, so I will leave it on. But just tell me if you saw it or not.

    Again, my username is: NicoleMarie17x3
    And I am wearing my design.

    Sorry for annoying you! I just want to make sure you saw it! Thanks so much!

  22. NicoleMarie17x3 says:

    Okay no offense to jackson66, but I thnk my t-shirt was better and I even bought it!! :[ it’s such a shame how i worked so hard and got nothing in return.

  23. cookspups101 says:

    I agree with NicoleMarie. I have an idea. Can we sell you the t-shirt for the same price we bought it for?

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