**SPOILER** Tonights New Releases..

Im Still Trying To Comprehend What These Clothes Look Like.. Has Stardoll Gone Mad? We Want Style, We Want To Be Chic And We Want To Spend Our Stardollars On The Most Fabulous Clothes! These Clothes Are Certainally Not Fabulous!

Snapple2 & xLou26


15 Responses to **SPOILER** Tonights New Releases..

  1. Medina says:

    Ugly x33 like a nerd… “/

  2. Emma says:


    But that grey coat is cute!

  3. Emma says:

    Eeeww I don’t like that! Those clothes are for an unstylish 65-year old lady! Like medina said nerd clothes there are actually a new pair of glasses that’s called nerdglasses in Splendid that I bought but they look too weird on me!

  4. crazi_babi* says:

    gross ewww ewww.old ladyish

  5. snapple2 says:

    I like the grey/brown jacket.It is cute, but the rest look like what ,y 43 year-old teacher would wear!I guess that is kind of the point as it is a school theme.

    It really put a damper on my fab yet boring Summer.

  6. mis.c says:

    hm, yeah the coat on the right is about the only good thing.. Don’t get stardoll on this either.. They could make so many great things in this ‘back to school’ theme! Like cute uniforms :p 😀

  7. arna-rut says:

    NERDY!! :O but heyy how you allways know whats coming lol? x

  8. Emma says:


  9. Aaron922 says:

    Okay, would I be crazy if I said I actually like the brown boots?lol

    Anyway did these come out tonight? They aren’t in the new section for me.

    BTW, check out my doll. Aaron922

  10. Ms.V says:

    Ugh those clothes are really GROSS!

  11. Vitium says:

    Is this school fashion? o.O so ugly…

    The brown & black boots are not so bad, but the rest is horrible.

  12. Dei(To_Royal) says:

    I boo Stardoll staff,BOOOOO

  13. Dora says:

    Naaah, it’s OK. Not that great, but, Stardoll is there to be different and try new styles so it’s cool 😉
    Don’t be so negative XD

  14. natalecka777 says:

    Grey coat is so cute .x3

  15. sinbabee says:

    So you people love fashion huh? Havent you know that one of the most important this fall trend is rustic style and squares are very fashionable too.

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