The Bold And The Beautiful Party.. Best Dressed..


16 Responses to The Bold And The Beautiful Party.. Best Dressed..

  1. Dora says:

    Congrats Emma!
    *finally meets Emma and shakes her hand*


  2. mis.c says:

    Honour to meet you Emma!
    :p 😀

  3. hotschoolgirl97 says:

    Congratulations Emma! =]

    You Look Nice.
    *Also Shakes Emma’s Hand*

  4. Emma... says:

    awhh… thanks you guys!!
    *cries a bit*

  5. mis.c says:

    aaaaaaaah told ya Dora! :p

  6. Dora says:

    Thankies :]
    Shut up Val Pal. XD

  7. mis.c says:

    I shut up when I say I shut up Bro!

  8. Dora says:

    Like Deiiii sais
    : P

  9. fionamcgonigle says:

    Well done everyone! I wonder who the third will be? They said there would be 3 😛

  10. Dei(To_Royal) says:

    Awww I love them!
    I didn’t make the party :{
    But I did get dressed for it,oh well I like my outfit anyway XP I’ll wear it until day after tomorrow :}

  11. Bat Queen says:

    where’s the third person…lol

  12. M says:

    finally some really good picks, both girls look beautiful. -I hope this comment won’t be deleted-

  13. Dora says:

    I did go over the top with my medoll’s look.
    Three types of streaks color, put rainbow eyelashes, blue headband and hot pink earrings…
    Ooops, rainbow cookie me…XD

  14. Dora says:

    Oooh, that ‘M’ Lou was talking about!
    I see now. I didn’t see you’r comments of hate.
    Hehe, I wonder what they looked like :PP
    Anyway, Snappy Kitty and Lou REAL bags (lol) wheres the thirrrrd?

  15. stardollfashionforward says:

    Lol.. Lets Hope They Feel Brave Enough To Show Up On Friday 🙂

    There Was Space For 3 Best Dressed But We Are Only Putting 2 Up..

  16. Dora says:

    Oooh. Okies Dokies.

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