We are in LOVE with this outfit! She uses the perfect amount of colour, and has 2 light colors – White and Gold which make a beautiful mix. She got every detail right down to the point including the great accessories! Great job Henna (za_xy) ! Keep up the great style!


8 Responses to za_xy..

  1. Aimee says:

    i like-eee the dress!

  2. beckawh @sd says:

    wow, that’s amazing!

  3. mis.c says:

    wauw, Well done! 😀

  4. lady.lora says:

    making me jealous!! my outfits never look this good!!

    loves it!

  5. Dora says:

    What lady.lora said :)))

  6. rbdangel8 says:

    excuse me while I lift my jaw from the floor…
    *lifts jaw*
    Holy cow! That outfit is ah-mazing!

  7. ninkus96 says:

    It’s nice 🙂 Verry nice!

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