*Spoiler* Coming Soon..

Finally Some Clothes That Aren’t Back To School! Everything But The Top And Skirt I Would Happily Buy Especially The Dresses. What Do You Think Of These Clothes?


20 Responses to *Spoiler* Coming Soon..

  1. mirty6 says:

    I wouldn’t buy the top and the skirt, and not even that blouse. I’m puzzled about the two long dresses – I should see them on my medoll. =)

    As for the rest, I like it all =)

  2. I don’t like the top and skirt and the blouse but the rest are lovely.
    Just how do you find out about future releases! YORU BLOG ROCKS!

  3. d. says:

    top and skirt – no.
    everything else – yes.

  4. xoxo says:

    its fab

  5. Dei(To_Royal) says:

    I am in LOVE :}

  6. sarahh says:

    woahh i dont like the floral skirt but the floral shirt i do like sorta. i like both of the dresses, except i wouldn’t buy them cos i don’t own any long dresses except the free superstar one.

  7. Okay, first off: GREAT BOLG!

    And i love tonights stuff!
    The top and skirt – Big no, no.
    Lovey dresses!
    Everything other then the top and skirt are great!
    So cute!


    Again, great bolg! Keep it going!

    Lots of love,

  8. lalala says:

    I love the dresses! Wow!

  9. BASHY77 says:


  10. Ms.V says:

    Pretty nice 🙂

  11. xstardollinsidersx says:

    oh my! Love the dresses.. especially the purple! 😀 And the white blouse and shoes too! 😀

  12. anom says:

    Apart from the top and skirt, is actually quite cute.

  13. jenminne says:

    The shirt and the skrit is a big fat noo.
    But the rest is awesomee.
    I hope the 2 hotbuys wont be at a crazy price,
    and dammit i need more cash.

  14. mysecketlover says:

    Love them!

  15. Jess says:

    OMG! Theyre wonderful! Except for the Blouse, Top and Skirt. Everything else is fab.


  16. sweetgirlkasia says:

    I like it!!
    OMG i bought in someones starbazaar Britney Dress FROM LOTTERY FOR 6!! IT IS ONLY 1 DRESS ON ALL STARDOLL!!!
    look at It 🙂
    with kisses

  17. Undamyumbrellla says:

    I love those gold shoes! I also love the black hot buys dress, and the light orange/ beige dress.

  18. qtjoy1 says:

    sweetgirlkasia, Lou also has that dress now! =] Stardoll gave the dresses out to thousands of people, so there is more than one copy of each dress on Stardoll.

    I like the two gowns in this picture =D

  19. waffle.luver says:

    aww, i ❤ the black dress!! 😀


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