Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend.. *SPOILER*

Finally Stardoll Is Making Us Some New Decor! Inlucing These New Floors..

They Have Also Gone Gem Mad And Created All These Wonderful Things For Our Suites.. I Love Them But I Know They Might Not Be To Everyones Taste. What Do You Think?


21 Responses to Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend.. *SPOILER*

  1. d. says:

    the floors are good.

    but I simply adore the new decors. Very…fairytale like. 😀

  2. mysecketlover says:

    I LOVE it!


  3. didi_ps says:

    Hey I love the new theme 🙂 Can You please tell me if there will be a new interior ? 🙂

  4. Kimmie says:

    Its cool! Ive been waiting for eternity for new furniture! 😀 Do you know when it comes out?

  5. emilymileyrocks says:


  6. thestardollinsiders says:

    I was just thinking today: I want new things in the minishop! 😀

  7. thestardollinsiders says:

    The floors have already arrived! 😀

  8. lady.lora says:

    i love the theme.. so .. cadbury!!


  9. mirty6 says:

    well, the theme is not really my taste. However they have good graphics.

    But I really like the wooden floor!

  10. ClaireMaii/Jhuyed says:

    *Motuh drops open*
    I have to buy furniture with my next $100 allowance

  11. jenminne says:

    But i only got 15 bucks.

  12. Aaron922 says:

    Everything just got released.

  13. lovelymanners says:

    I only have a 50 stardollar allounce..I’m decideing against the clothes or the furinture.

  14. love it!! sooo cute!!

  15. *rose*rose-cat says:

    I have a 100 sd allowance… It goes quickly… and i’ve spent most of it on giving my frineds awesome stuff for their suite. Anywho, I cannot wait for this theme… and the headline reminded me of our traditonal dance for our school dance team that i’m on.. Dimonds are a girls best friens… ( Yea! ) lol…

  16. crazi_babi* says:

    very cute

  17. Hayley (surfsandandsun) says:

    wow lou! great job using paint! it looks absolutely STUNNING! :]

  18. pinkishee says:

    sparkly good!!! love it!!!

  19. Ms.V says:

    Well, not exactly my style(not AT ALL), but it still seems nice. 🙂

  20. Swedish_Hilton says:

    I love them! Finally I know what to do with my bling bling room!

  21. beccayerrr says:

    Ive bought all of the furniture, haha. 🙂

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