*Spoiler* Coming Soon..


22 Responses to *Spoiler* Coming Soon..

  1. cool.music.pop says:

    i don’t like them. they look so plain.

  2. d. says:

    purple skirt is okay. everything else…like stated above, plain.

  3. Cora11 says:

    donĀ“t like it!

  4. The Stardoll Insiders says:

    A bit unoriginal no?

  5. Ms.V says:

    Too plain for me.

  6. Sheba says:

    Too plain

  7. MARiE says:

    Back to ugly clothes, huh?
    C’mon Stardoll!
    You were doing soo well!

  8. Emma... says:

    nothing special…


  9. didi_ps says:

    Umm it Looks like Turkish Turban .. I won’t buy them ..

  10. jenminne says:

    not really my style….
    and its plain.

  11. crazi_babi* says:

    after amazing hk clothes they release this crap!its a step back

  12. ClaireMaii/Jhuyed says:

    The purple tube top is okay, I can work with it, but the rest sucks on ice.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I like the skirts only!

  14. Dora says:

    Frigging kewl shoes =D

  15. Dora says:

    Ok whats wrong with me I wrote SHOES? I ment to say SKIRTS!!! :DD

    Good thing I didn’t write SOCKS `cause that would be pretty moronic. Lol.

  16. Plan…
    Whats up with Stardoll and the ugly clothes?!
    We had good stuff for a few days and now nothing!


  17. Loophole says:

    WOW! LoVE IT!!

  18. Sam says:

    Slightly ugly, if I may say.

  19. ClaireMaii/Jhuyed says:

    Well, the purple hotbuy jacket (Now availible to buy] goes well with the purple stuff. And I got on idea for an outfit with the skirts and tops. xD

  20. Undamyumbrellla says:

    I might buy the purple skirt….. but I don’t like anything else.

  21. waffle.luver says:

    purple skirt and purple shirt.. hmm, i know what im gonna be for halloween- a plum!

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