tellykid = Scammer!

Anyone Who Knows Me Knows I Have Quite Afew Spare Accounts, One Of Those I Use To Trade For Lottery Dresses With A Very Good Friend. I Made A Deal To Trade With A Girl Called tellykid, She Would Buy My DKNY Broken Dress Then She Would Sell Me Her Green Lottery Dress. All Went To Plan Until She Claimed Her Dress Was Rarer Than Mine And Wanted The DKNY Collared Sweater Or The RC Ashley Scarf Aswell, I Said I Would After She Sold Me The Dress. She Then Said She Would Sell Me My Dress Back Which She Hasnt. I Am Warning You As I Know A Lot Of Readers Are Trading For Lottery Dresses And I Do Not Want This To Happen To Anyone Else, Anyway Here Is Proof.



6 Responses to tellykid = Scammer!

  1. nouran1211 says:

    i am sorry for you!!
    i will report her!
    BTW if you can see my small blog about stardoll i will apeceriate it!

  2. I’m so sorry that she did that to you!
    I’ve had it happen. I lost my DKNY falling hearts dress.

  3. Ms.V says:

    I’m so sorry for you!:(

  4. Ellie says:

    yeah people, beware of scammers :O

  5. lady.lora says:


    silly little scammers.. they just make me angry..

    n btw im sorry that she did it to you!!
    soo nasty


  6. ClaireMaii/Jhuyed says:

    Omg, DKNY falling? Woahy, sorry about that. I’ve heard about her, shes scammed other people, too. Same thing happened to me, with another girl who took me off her list. I promised her my scuba, for her Primp Cancer shirt, and I went first and she tottaly ripped me off with an excuse ‘It wont let me sell it, It keeps saying ‘Hello doll lover…” and then ‘I’ll turn off ym compter and restart it.’ and fiannly ‘I cant see it in my bazzar anymore.’ YEAH okay, then explain how like 1k other people traded with it. she still hasn’t given it to me yet >.>

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