*Spoiler* Coming Soon..

*Now Available In Mini Shop And Splendid*

Just Some Of The New Decor Coming To Stardoll

Some Of The New Accessories Coming To Stardoll


11 Responses to *Spoiler* Coming Soon..

  1. lady.lora says:


    funky chair!!

  2. pink-_-pearl says:

    wow cool items
    how do u know??

  3. d. says:

    The furniture is already released and so are most of the accesories.

  4. The Stardoll Insiders says:

    Most is already in the shop 🙂
    well, all the furniture and the glasses 🙂


  5. rocksalt says:

    Kinda boring. I wish stardoll wouldn’t skip so fast over the jewelry theme.

  6. .BrokenHeart. says:

    Cool girls:)

  7. cookspups101 says:

    i heard new dkny comes out on the 15th!!!

  8. jenminne says:

    Cool, but some of the stuff isn’t very funish, i wished the Jewelery Theme was still here, i wanted couple more diamonds.

  9. The Stardoll Insiders says:

    I don’t get it. How can the jewel theme be over? If you look at the page in ‘themes’ in the magazine you’ll see the bag and the middle dress aren’t out yet.. :s

    and only one of the two veruschka earrings are in the shop :s

    weird stardoll!


  10. Kimmie says:

    I like this new theme a lot, theres a lot of basics like bookshelves that I really was hoping I could buy for my suite, and its sophisticated! I love it so much more than the jewel theme.

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