*Spoiler* Tonights Releases..

*Note: Prices Aren’t $0 When They Are Released*


23 Responses to *Spoiler* Tonights Releases..

  1. Manoon3. says:

    OM! r u saying that everything is going to be for 0$ at night ?!!!! THAT AWESOME !!!

  2. Emma Thoompson says:

    Everything is going to be 0$!!


  3. Emma Thoompson says:

    Ohh, i just noticed the Note =P

  4. dora says:

    Oh yes yeees the ankle boots are comin to mama! :DD

    ps this is doraaa xDD

  5. The Stardoll Insiders says:

    I want the leaf necklace :p

  6. VampLady says:

    nothing special.. I was expecting more stuff to some out.

  7. Mike says:

    I wanna know where you get these from! 😀 hahaha

  8. Mike says:

    I mean like the spoliers haaaaa

  9. xilda_lady_ says:

    Ooooh that PURPLE hairband is coming to me. HB blouse and boots toooo <333 Amazing , gorgeous , beautiful.

  10. Kiya says:

    I wish I had a headband like that, in real life.

  11. Cora11 says:


  12. Calllie says:

    haha I have real headband with a big r0se but in yellow one of my friends have the rose bag And It’s really awesome But I don’t like my headband =[

  13. pink-_-pearl says:

    wow so cool

  14. Veronika says:

    Hi can u plz tell us at what time tonight??
    I’m going out with my friends so PLZ tell me at what time will they be free !!! PLZ I love this blog and I love ya all !!!

  15. Veronika says:

    PLZ tell me at what time tonight !!!

  16. Ms.V says:

    Looks nice 😀

  17. ClaireMaii/Jhuyed says:

    Its okay…not me at all though ;(

  18. viiety says:

    are they going to be free ?

  19. Calllie says:

    Girlzz check out the note they won’t be free!The prices aren’t real

  20. scribonia326 says:

    the boots are ugly with the dress but they r cute with skinnies. where do u ppl find these thingS?!?

  21. Cora11 says:

    what the..??

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