Voile Gift Update..

I Missed Out This Dress Whilst Posting About The New Gift Dresses. So Far We Were Given The Ugliest Out Of The Lot, Lets See When The Rest Pop Up 🙂


15 Responses to Voile Gift Update..

  1. Dei(To_Royal) says:

    The blue one IS VERY ugly indeed

    I LOVE this one!

  2. Yasas10 says:

    I hate the blue one

  3. -Maybe- says:

    This is pretty nice, but not my style…

    by the way, how do you get all these information before anyone else!?

  4. Ms.V says:

    …Not my style.

  5. *Lejla* says:

    I love this one |
    and i got a mail aboute that one ;/

  6. Kiya says:

    I kinda like it. Except for the spider like web design. Don’t like spiders…

  7. lizzie1393 says:

    i think it’s ok but i prefer long dresses.

  8. VampLady says:

    nice. but stardoll is getting really boring with all those gift dresses..

  9. Rachweee123 says:


    I’m Sick Of Those Fugly Dresses

  10. arna-rut says:

    yuck, to bad im a collector, but woah, Stardoll is just like “MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY…. MONEYYYYYY” they need a theme song and i suggest the one that Donald Trump or w.e uses in his shows!

  11. sienna says:

    stardoll just wants money so they make these gift dresses so people will buy stardollars. they need to think of something different to do because i’m so sick of these dresses. it’s like the stardoll staff can’t think of anything else to do to get money and because they are giving out these gift dresses like every week people must not be buying stardollars. t5o be honest i’m getting sort of isck of stardoll but i stay on becasue it’s addictive and i can’t miss out o anything.

  12. Cora11 says:


  13. BradandPitti says:

    very nice site 🙂

  14. demi rishman says:

    it alright…. im a collecter and have 10 b4 i was a collecter i sold 1 2 _candy_man_ and now she wont give it back :’-(

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