Elizabeth And James..

I Didnt Actually Realise That The Majority Of The Mary-Kate And Ashley Clothes Are From Their Own Brand (Kinda Slow I Know).. So Why Do We Have The Worst MKA Shop In The Starplaza Possible. I Hope Stardoll Will See Sense And Make Elizabeth And James A Real Brand.


6 Responses to Elizabeth And James..

  1. mirty6 says:

    I don’t like the clothes, ugly. Both the real ones and the virtual ones.

  2. Ms.V says:

    I like the clothes, except the colourful tunic.

  3. HELPER!! says:

    The tunic is actually vintage Pucci.

  4. Denise says:

    Mary-Kate Olsen Is EXTREMLEY UGLY! She’s A SERIOUS Munter. The Tunic Is Gorge. But Not On Her. iThink They Shud Change The Doll Back To How It Was Before. Now It’s Just Ugly.
    Love The Tunic. Not Her.
    Chaio For Now…
    Denise xx

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