Real Celeb Week..

Send A Friend Request To Mary-Kate To Get A Free Poster


14 Responses to Real Celeb Week..

  1. punkyfish2007 says:

    Couldn’t find it on Stardoll….

  2. xMystix says:

    Did yoo get the free Mary-Kate poster?? Lol x

  3. xMystix says:

    iim really confused bout thaa poster thing because some people have got it and some people haven’t :S

  4. jose-io says:

    It’s soo annyoing because you know the phone call will only go to somebody in America, as they aren’t going to call England or wherever else 😦

  5. Calllie says:

    How I can get a free poster :O

  6. Calllie says:

    Hey sweetie just go to the mary-kate competition and then to your suite and you will get poster under the mirror =] you can see mine =]

  7. Dei(To_Royal) says:

    I didn’t know about the comp and got a poster :S But I wish they had a comp to get her clothes :-/

  8. Fashion.Fantasy says:

    I want to win that call!

  9. Whitney says:

    How do you get any of the RC clothes she has, I see ppl with them all the time, but I never saw when they were available!

  10. sienna says:

    as if you will get a call from mary-kate. sorry but to be honest i think the stardoll staff control her and all the real celebs accounts. and they just take a few photos of the real celebs and they say stuff like “oh wereso thriled to be on stardoll” but whoever wins that phone call will get told mary-kates to busy or something. i would rather a competition that you could win her clothes or something.

  11. Calllie says:

    hey Sienna there are real Rc because we were watching some videos with Miley and Becky whet they were at stardoll als0 hillary duff so how you can say that trere aren’t real celebs =?

  12. DIVA ALWAYS says:

    i was wondering why i got that unflattering poster of mary kate… i did request her as a friend, but i went to her suite to see if she fixed it up any better…and she hasnt.

  13. Ms.V says:

    I don’t want any posters.
    I hate them.
    But thanks for telling me 🙂

  14. Pamiiiiiii is a good friend, she is one of my best friends on stardoll, that morning, she couldn’t login in to her account, and she said that she gave her pass out to the site to me, and I just said that is was hack, and they probely are selling all your old dkny and mka rc now. 3 out of 5 girls gave her clothes back, but 2 of them deleted their accounts!

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