The REAL Mary-Kate Clothes..

*Update* Stardoll Beat Me To It.. They Are Already In Her Suite 😦

Let Us Know What You Think Of Them 🙂

I Have A HUGE Problem Literally, Stardoll Have Made The New Clothes Really Big So I Cant Post How I Normally Would. I Will Try My Best To Post You The New Clothes But They Are Going To Look Stupidly Huge Lol.


7 Responses to The REAL Mary-Kate Clothes..

  1. Dei(To_Royal) says:


    I wonder how normal members could get a hold of it? hmmm

  2. Ms.V says:

    It looks…weird.
    That strange dress looks like a bathsuite or whatever that in english is.

  3. LaFee_1002 says:

    I think that dress will be a reward in some competition.. I never won any competition, so I can only dream about it.. !! ;|

  4. Dei(To_Royal) says:

    Bathrobe? lol It kinda does.

    It looks more like a kimono to me,and kimono’s rule :}

  5. memo16 says:

    Bath rope or no bath rope i’m getting this dress lol =Pp~

    btw there is anthor cute pink w blue dress in MK suit i hope they get it too =)


  6. Gosia says:

    I want the cute grey jacket!

  7. mirty6 says:

    it’s ugly – if I want a kimono, I prefer a original one, not a ugly milky copy.

    And I agree that it looks like a bathrobe or something like that.

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