Alexis Bledel Clothes..

1st And 2nd Dress Are Gift Dresses, If Anyone Has Seen The Green One As A Gift Dress Then Let Us Know 🙂


30 Responses to Alexis Bledel Clothes..

  1. Xx-hot_baby-xX says:

    are they coming out and did you get the mail the voile gifts were free to superstars we finaly did not have to buy more stardollars

  2. emilymileyrocks says:


  3. karlek25 says:

    omg this purple dress is awsome

  4. The Stardoll Insiders says:

    Maybe the orange dress will be released together with these?

  5. stardollfashionforward says:

    You Get The Orange Alexis Dress When You Are A New Member And Become SS 🙂

  6. .BrokenHeart. says:

    I like the rose dress;)

  7. Sheba says:


  8. JNP587 says:

    Hmmmm kinda ugly…and Blahhhhhh 😦

  9. kimmie says:

    Those are plain and kind of fugly. =/

  10. Kiya says:

    I only like the brown one…

  11. scribonia326 says:

    the rose dress is one of the uglier new things on stardoll

  12. natalecka777 says:

    Purple dress is amazing .x

  13. Ms.V says:

    Don’t like them at ALL.

  14. mirty6 says:

    The first one is a Voile Gift dress for non superstar who buy superstar membership!

    See here:

  15. Snow_makes_me_happy says:

    I’ve recieved a mail with the purple dress, but no way I’m going to buy more stardollars for that horrible dress!!! 😦

  16. xilda_lady_ says:

    I want purple and brown. Gotta check my spare dolls =O ….. OOOOH YEAH! I have the mail for the purple one =O

  17. lizzie1393 says:

    i love the purple dress! how do you get the brown dress?

  18. Kiya says:

    Darn, I really wanted that brown dress.

  19. Calllie says:

    I like more voile girf dresses!I don’t like alexis’s dresses blaah but they are too rare now so I will get the purple and the brown tomorrow =]

  20. lizzie1393 says:

    i now have the green one! i found it in the starbazaar for 15 stardollars! =]

  21. Loophole says:

    I have the brown dress :]
    Its called the….
    Ruched Bubble Hem Dress

  22. Cora11 says:

    uggly uggly uggly

    sorry..thatz my thougts

  23. Katherine says:

    I love, love, love the purple dress!

    D-I-E for it…


  24. weri_b says:

    The purple dress is amazing! I luv it 🙂

  25. fmuthgrl says:

    I saw green in a suite but cant remember wh3re

  26. yummy_strawberry says:

    in the middle…is so ugly when i try

  27. Isabella.Arci says:

    I have the Voile Green Dress.

    It’s called Keyhole Cocktail Dress.

    It’s a Gift Dress for people who bought stardollars.

    Hope this info helps.


  28. Calllie says:

    I have a message in one of my others doll but I have seen it too late…the offer expired 21 of september ;{

  29. stardollfashionforward says:

    That Is Wrong.. It Should Say 21st October. I Bought That Dress On My Other Account Today And It Worked 🙂

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