Chanel Gone!!!

These Were The Items We Couldnt Wait To Get Our Hands On.. The Chanel Bags Were The Most Popular.

But They Are No Longer Chanel..

What Do You Think Of This Change?


The Chanel Bangle Still Has The Two C’s In Tact..


20 Responses to Chanel Gone!!!

  1. Whitney says:

    I’m thinking someone threatened to sue stardoll for copyright infringement. It sucks, but that’s the state of the world today.

  2. Pynx says:

    Argh…that sucks

  3. Whitney says:

    they probably haven’t caught on to the chanel bracelet. it was released ages ago, and unless you blow up the image, you really can’t tell it’s a chanel imitation. Look at the chanel no. 5 perfume bottle, it doesn’t even say it anymore

  4. Rini4e says:

    Wow..that is sad. Just friggin’ sad. We were all over thhose beautiful things and now…Well, leave it to SD to make a screwup like that.

  5. Cora11 says:

    oh yah this is so bad

  6. Kiya says:

    It feels like a ripoff in a way…

  7. ntemisfe says:

    Yeah I noticed it this morning….:(That sucks!!

  8. *rose*rose-cat says:

    yea the purfume changed about two weeks ago… i sent you a message about that. My guess is that chanel found out and blamed them for copyright or something and so they had to change it. Its the same story with dolls that suddenly disaper.

  9. The Stardoll Insiders says:

    Oh I want that bracelet! :p

  10. Corinne says:

    I agree with Kiya: total ripoff!

  11. ashy_loves_you says:

    I have a chanel necklace thats still chanel

  12. Caroline says:

    I just feel sorry for the people that bought everything. But what I don’t get is why Stardoll even released the Chanel things if they didn’t have permission in the first place? Just seems like a waste to me.

  13. Sanguinary says:

    I seriously want my money back! Look at the tank top; now it´s an ugly one that I would NEVER buy. Same goes for the bags and belt.
    I´m going to mail Stardoll about this after checking out some laws because I don´t think this is legal. We were tricked to buy something else for our money.

  14. Sanguinary says:

    Dangit, Stardoll has a disclaimer under their terms of use.. BUT I am going to contact them anyway because I payed real money for them and therefore it goes under the same laws as is you got them in a store. I suggest you guys do the same and show them that they can´t trick us out of our money like that!

  15. memo16 says:

    This is so SICK of SD..cuz most of te people -including me- went crazy about the Chanel stuff,i mean really there’s no girl who wouldn’t drop dead 4 it.!!

    Right now i HATE SD.!!


  16. Whitney says:

    It’s the same reason why people make knockoff purses, they think they won’t get caught, and they know alot of people will spend the money on them. Stardoll probably thought since they wrote “inspired by” in the title, that they could let it slide. But someone from Chanel probably threatened to sue them for using a logo that has been copyrighted, so they had to do it.

  17. -Diamondz- says:

    You can get a refund!
    Many of my friends contacted stardoll and said,

    I only bought these items because they were chanel, i hate the new look. I demand a refund!

    or something like that 🙂 Stardoll did give them a refund ASAP.

  18. Mrs Joe Jonas!!! says:

    sd sux- that is soo sad- I bought ALL of the chanel stuff and when I found out it was altered- I was v mad!!!

  19. Jhuyed says:

    I know, this is so retarded!!!
    Hopefully, this is jsut a tragic stardoll messup and it’ll be fixed soon.

  20. Jhuyed says:

    I know, this is so retarded!!!
    Hopefully, this is jsut a tragic stardoll messup and it’ll be fixed soon.

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