New Theme..

Finally The Musketeer Theme Is Going and We Are Greeted By One Of Falls Most Fabulous Trends: Lace.

The Lace Hot Buy Bow Was Meant To Be Released Today But May Be Released With Tonights Clothes.. Spoilers Will Be Posted Later On Today If There Are Any.

What Do You Think Of The New Doll For The Theme And Her Clothes?


12 Responses to New Theme..

  1. Sheba says:


  2. Ang. says:

    where is this doll?

  3. Jess says:

    this is beautiful, i love it **cough cough**

    i have a cold today sadly

    but this doll seems wonderful, i agree with Ang. where is the doll??

  4. aby says:

    Hy ! i dressd up today Daniel Radcliffe and after i saved him in my album he wasent there . In his place is Gwen Steffani , Kate Holmes and other but in 26 pages he dosen’t apear just his name . What is it happening?

  5. VampLady says:

    I really love it, finally some great clothes and theme

  6. Tulip9 says:

    I love it and it’s kinda gothic which is great

  7. lady.lora says:

    loves it..
    but where is the doll??

  8. xilda_lady_ says:

    I love it. And I think they must put the the dress you put on her ASAP , it’ll stay nice with the corset.

  9. Episode says:

    Love it! especially the blond hairdo..

  10. Ms.V says:

    Love it šŸ™‚

  11. izzydote says:

    i love this doll

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