Sorry Guys.. But More Gift Dresses..


32 Responses to Sorry Guys.. But More Gift Dresses..

  1. VampLady says:

    yeah.. even I like blue one, still we had them enough! why don’t they just release them as normal clothes in starplaza?? grr

  2. Cora11 says:


  3. emilymileyrocks says:

    Copy of the keyhole much =O! me ♥’s the blue een tho

  4. romy says:

    Although there are loads of gift dresses, i still like the idea that when we get more stardollers then we get a free dress
    remember, stardoll has to make some money out of this fab website otherwise there will not be any more improvements

  5. Dora says:

    Baaaaah I want them all! :((
    If anyone gets any info on those, or for which accounts (like former SS, non SS…) they go to, tell me cause I wanna buy them XDD

  6. xilda_lady_ says:

    Blue one is HOT! Actually I like all , but the red one. And BTW thanks , xLou26 for visiting my suite =)

  7. lizzie1393 says:

    i love them! especially the blue one! =]

  8. natalecka777 says:

    I like red.

  9. UndamyUmbrellla says:

    The red one is ugly… but I love it. It just works for me, even though it’s not typically gorgeous.
    All of the other ones are kind of invisible, in my opinion.

  10. pink-_-pearl says:

    I wish I can get it but I didn’t ever become superstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. kimber says:


  12. Tainted.love_xx says:

    I love the one with the bow!
    It’s one of the few gift dresses I actually like..
    too bad I’m not superstar.

  13. jenminne says:

    I love the red, blue and white one.
    I wished I can get them all.

  14. Jhuyed says:

    Really? The last 2 look like som ething stardoll would release in StarPlaza…I like the blue one. The red one looks really nooby.

  15. Hayley (surfsandandsun) says:


  16. izzydote says:

    I’ve had enough with these gift dresses. But I DO love the red one and the blue one!

  17. Rachweee123 says:

    I Love The Blue One.

    Adorable Much?

  18. weri_b says:

    OMG more gift dresses o_0

  19. explosiongosia says:

    Remember when the gift dresses were only formal ones?

  20. mysecketlover says:

    I love the last one 😛

  21. Silver-Lover says:

    They’re quite nice.The blue one with ruffles could be an amazing ”accesory” to create an outfit,or use it just how it is.

  22. Dora says:

    I also wan’t all of them :((
    Btw. Gosia these are kind of formal, they don’t have to be floor lenght gowns to be formal. 😀

  23. rubbiny says:

    blue callend voile tube chiffon dress.
    it is for non ss, buy sd bla bla bla:/

  24. My stardoll name > .BrokenHeart. says:

    Im not superstar anymore, but i have not a mail.

  25. SiSi says:

    the blue one is pretty 🙂

  26. rubbiny says:

    red called “voile velvet bow-tie ribbon dress”

  27. explosiongosia says:

    I selling Paris Hilton dress for 1 code

  28. daisyDEMON says:

    AAH lovee the blueey one , its so similar to my 9th grade prom one ! lol , got red, does anyone have blue if so PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! will pay CHUCK LOADS

  29. lizzie1393 says:

    if anyone knows how to get the yellow one please tell me! =]

  30. Calllie says:

    Hey Lou have the grey one! :S Please somebody tell me how can I get it =] thanks

  31. KissObMyLisp says:

    I also saw the gray dress somewhere. How did they get it?

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