False Advertising..

This Isnt Stardoll As We Know It.. We Dont Have That Hair Or Clothes.

Do You Think That Stardoll Should Stick What What We Actually Have On Stardoll To Use In Their Ads


19 Responses to False Advertising..

  1. Sheba says:

    I acctualy don’t think this is right. New members may join ‘n’ rade the whole stardoll for these clothes or who knows what!lol

  2. carica94 says:

    Well, don’t you think that will be the new medolls! Duuuh!

  3. Sage says:

    Yes, otherwise its false advertising, our me dolls cannot looks like that so they should not use those me dolls in their ads. it is misleading

  4. AC Viper says:

    as you know, stardoll are evolving and improving constantly. so who knows.. maybe they will be bringing new glossy makeup and new hairstyles.. and of course they make new clothes all the time, they might bring that outfit from the “new membership terms”, i mean they already created the items, all they have left is putting them in the shop; and i hope the hairstyle will be available for all, and not as a starpoints reward.. im still stuck with only 1300 starpoints :/

  5. Jess says:

    But then also, we dont have lipgloss to make our medolls lips glisten. But I totally agree with the post. & Maybe carica94 is right, maybe we’ll get new hairstyles w/ clothes too.

  6. stardollfashionforward says:

    Yeah I Hope They Bring Them Out.. Its Annoying When You Know They Are There And They Have The Ideas But Dont Let Us Have Them. x

  7. Episode says:

    i agree with your comment “stardollfashionforward”..
    They have it but they still gives us those ugly hairstyles and facial features..

  8. Fay says:

    I wish but Stardoll is crazy so I guess it won’t.Oh,and please not as a HairCut for Starpoints…It’ll be for about 7000 or something…?WFT!

  9. Sheba says:

    Yeah! That would be nice if they’d release the medoll but I doubt it. The medoll adveritise for new members is been on for ages.

  10. I think it should show actual things that we have, instead of exciting a person with the items, which will not be there when they go to look for them

  11. Hayley (surfsandandsun) says:

    It’s dumb! that medoll with the lipgloss and makeup is soooo pretty, they just do it so we see it and want to join 😛

  12. The Stardoll Insiders says:

    I don’t get why they do it. We looks pretty fine as well no? :p It’s not like people wouldn’t join if they put up a represantable picture. 🙂
    And if they can make these items and put them up, why can’t they add it to Starplaza as well? :s

  13. Kiya says:

    They photoshop the heck out of that doll…

  14. jenminne says:

    Those 2 medolls are super pretty with the lipgloss, eyes, nose, lips and lipgloss and clothes.
    But Stardoll is just photoshopping the heck out of dolls to get people to join.
    They should release those things instead of lying to those peeps.

  15. -Diamondz- says:

    Everyone, Ths is NOT new stuff thats going to come out.
    They are gorgeous, like the make-up and stuff, but they’re not new.

    This has been on the signup thing for over 4 months. It’d be good if we had thsoe MeDolls, but unfortunately, we don’t.

  16. lizzie1393 says:

    it’s false advertising if they show new members stuff that isn’t actually on the site.

  17. Ms.V says:

    Gosh I hope we would have all of that stuff -.-

  18. dramagirl1 says:

    It kind of sucks because it makes Stardoll look so much more glamourous than it is. I adore Stardoll but it makes me think “why are they dangling this stuff in front of our faces when they clearly have it and aren’t giving us it!” Idk, I’m maybe turning into a Stardoll brat. Lol x x x

  19. dolphinmad419 says:

    We Do Have Shiny Lips Now Lol x]

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