What do YOU think of Stardoll changing the fabulous CC(Chanel) label and turning all the gorgeous purses, tops, and dresses into an ordinary dress, that has a label ‘Coco’ but not actually ON the item?? I assume that Chanel possibly threatened to sue if they didn’t. OR Stardoll just wants to take away everything we actually like. Haha. 😛


Please write your opinion in comment.


17 Responses to Opinions??

  1. meghan says:

    i think chanel probably threatened to sue. shame though. 😦

    and the HB bow tie is out in the starplaza. 🙂

  2. Episode says:

    I don’t really mind, it still has the name ‘Inspired By…’
    and Stardoll can’t really help it if they had to change it for legal reasons.
    And, for example, the purses and belts still look beautiful so who cares that the logo is different?

    x E

  3. kimber says:

    i want my money back, i bought it because it said chanel on it not because of the design
    i cant wait to get rid of the items

  4. UndamyUmbrellla says:

    It’s not fair at all. We should get a refund. I have a friend who’s not a Superstar and she had to save up to buy all the Chanel items and now she doesn’t even want them.

  5. Whitney says:

    Absolutely, Chanel is famous for the quilted bags with the chain link straps, it’s still chanel inspired. None of the other designer inspired items have any of their trademarks on them either. What should make Chanel different? Plus, I think you’d be even more pissed if they shutdown stardoll altogether for violating copyrighting laws.

  6. AC Viper says:

    i buy stuff by the way they look, not brands, and i hate logos and prints. the only thing i liked from all of chanel items was the belt, but now it has an ordinary look with that circled buckle

  7. stardollfashionforward says:

    I know, I usually buy the stuff for that too, its not just the label thats bothering me, the Gold and Black blags now look sort of cheap, and its not just because the labels were gone. :/

  8. The Stardoll Insiders says:

    I think we should get (part) of the money back. Everything looks really different now and that’s not what we bought! They just changed it, without any notification or explanation why. If they simply change bought items and don’t give refunds, they should at least give us some information on the why part.

  9. sweet_angel62 says:

    I think that people should get their money back. I only bought most of these clothes because they had the infamous CC logo on them and now that its gone this is not what I wanted to buy. Stardoll should be fair and give us our money back.

  10. cutealiciousme says:

    hey how do u copy the website page and put it on paint?

  11. AC Viper says:

    many people already mailed stardoll asking for refunds, for being “scammed” [its just a fucking website!]. anyways they got their money back, and the items were removed from their suites.
    thats why i always wait for the sale.. the next sale is within few days, always at the last week of the month :]

  12. Its unfair for the people that brought already, because of it being Chanel.


  13. ClaireMaii/Jhuyed says:

    I so agree that they should’ve told us something before they did this. But the clothes are okay, I mean, you really cant tell with the bags. The CC was really small, so I dont think it’d make much of a diffrence. I just hope stardoll can tell us the reason they did this, it might not just be because Chanel threatened to sue them. If you really dont like the items now, just put them in your storage and forget about them. I doubt anyone will by them in StarBazzar if you sell them, think about how HUGE Chanel is. Idk.

  14. NeonDinosaurs says:

    I personally don’t mind that much, but because some of us aren’t superstar, it actually takes time to save up for our money. I’m sure most of us spent quite a lot of the “Chanel” items. It’s not fair that they changed the items without notice because now I don’t like the belt anymore. It looks really simple and I think that we should get part of the money back if not the whole refund. Even then, this is just virtual clothes. Don’t get so worked up over it.

  15. mirty6 says:

    As someone said they’re just virtual clothes.

    Personally I bought the two bags and the belt because I liked them, not just because they were Chanel, and I think the belt is cute even now that hasn’t the two CC.

    That said,it’s clear that some stuff, especially the bags, loose some points now that they don’t have the logo anymore so, if I were someone from stardoll, I would suggest 1 SD refund for every chanel item bought.

    In any case, if there were copyrights problems Stardoll couldn’t have done otherwise.

    On the positive note…well, at least the original items were not expensive. XD

  16. Balenciaga says:

    Im a bit annoyed at the fact that stardoll took advantage of us. (Like usual) They knew all along that they were breaking copyright laws. So I am sure they never planned on keeping the Chanel logo on any of the items. The belt is ulgy. The purses are okay, although they aren’t authentic the quailty hasn’t changed much. I’m guessing we won’t be recieving any type of refund so I’m not too upset. Like everyone has already pointed out, they are ONLY virtual items.

  17. Whitney says:

    The only reason stardoll gets away with putting other designers up there is because of two words “Inspired By” Legally, if they’re saying Inspired by instead of just the label name, they’re not violating copyright laws. Terminology is everything. The Rock Band video game does that as well. If a musician doesn’t give them the right to use their creation, they will have another band to cover the song and put “In the style of” on the song. It’s how you word it. I’m sure stardoll thought if they said “Inspired by Chanel” on the tag that they could do the interlocking C’s logo without legal recourse. But, apparently someone was wrong.

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