Balmain.. Who Wore It Best..

Vote For Who Think Wore It Best, Person With The Most Votes Gets A Gift From Me And Keisha 🙂


23 Responses to Balmain.. Who Wore It Best..

  1. mandy32396 says:

    wow..this one’s hard.
    they all look gorgeous.

  2. explosiongosia says:

    Ella wins for me. It was between her and Babuci, because babuci’s hair is so aweosme for the dress. But I think Ella did better. Noelle just got tacky 😛

  3. UndamyUmbrellla says:

    noelle_page all the way! =)

  4. HunnyBUNNY says:

    Noelle looks very couture… She wins it for me

  5. mirty6 says:

    rock-princess – at least she gives to the dress some value, the other two have basically hidden it!

    And that noelle looks like a big mess

  6. weri_b says:

    Babuci1992 is awesome 🙂

  7. I voted babuci1992.
    I guess I was a bit biased because of her hair.

  8. elledriver says:

    Noelle is screaming haute couture! She wins it hands down for me. Although the other two looks great, noelle_page was the only one who thought outside the box.

    There are hundreds out there who can come up with the outfits rock-princess30 and babuci1992 wore but very few could think of the outfit noelle came up with.

    Go noelle_page! wooohhoooo!

  9. `tara`TATweji` says:

    noelle_page win. The other two are just uhmmm ordinary and plain compared to her.

    so there she wins for me 🙂

  10. kimber says:

    rock princess
    the rest are a mess

  11. b@byDeen@ says:

    They all look fabulous but more effort seemed to have went into what noelle_page is wearing. I couldn’t have done the same thing to put all those layers together. BRAVO!

  12. Handi says:

    noelle_page is wearing the dress?
    i dont see it!

  13. Kiya says:

    It’s between rock and babuci. But I like rock,better because it’s still simple, but also creative. Noelle has too much going on..not in a good way.

  14. farahdee says:

    Noelle wins this. The other two are plain. This is a no brainer.

  15. luvin_the_night says:

    I voted noelle_page. She is the Diva in the picture. rock princess and babuci look like her back up singers. 😀

  16. LoLaDoll says:


    She gets my vote on this one.

  17. little_willow says:

    Sure Noelle put more thought into it, but there was too much thought if you ask me. And the orange looked awful. Sorry, that’s just my opinion. Babucci looked great.

  18. x_trinaluv_x says:

    noelle_page is always beyond the ordinary.

    I gues you just have to have an artistic eye to appreciate what she came up with this time, which apparently, a lot of people here doesn’t have.

    She gets my vote on this one. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. ~dessjones says:

    Agree. Noelle gets my vote too.

  20. Olivia says:

    I had to vote for Rock-Princess30. I like the way Noelle puts so much effort into all of her outfits, but in my eyes they turn out in a big mess. There is too much going on in the outfit she mixed too many different pieces and you can hardly see the dress. Rock Princess actually gave the dress meaning, it was a rocker chic dress and she made it work.With her side bang hair and the whole “Rocker” theme. I loved it.

  21. Dei(To_Royal) says:

    If Noelle didn’t have both the orange dress and the yellow bag on at the same time then I would like her recreation

    But for my pick it’s rock-princess30 ,it’s so simple.But I like simple,it makes you not have to think that much when you look at it lol

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