This Spoiler Was Requested By A Very Fabulous Stardoll Member So Here It Is, I Dont Really Know What To Say About These Clothes Or Where They Fit In. What Do You Think?


37 Responses to **Spoiler**

  1. HunnyBUNNY says:

    Oh God! They’re awful 😦

  2. stardollfashionforward says:

    Lol I Know.. They Were Made On Friday I Wasnt Going To Post Them Because They Are That Bad πŸ˜›

  3. UndamyUmbrellla says:

    I really don’t like them. I guess the gold necklace is Ok… everything else is just not my style. :/

  4. silverbear says:

    Its Fanny Pak clothes.

  5. starlifemagazin says:


  6. lettie97 says:

    Hmm…. don’t fit with the theme.
    The white t-shirt is okay I guess. Everything else…. wnot so nice.
    When do you think the sale will be?

  7. stardollspoilers says:

    I like ’em! πŸ™‚ Maybe a workout theme? @_@

  8. Hayley (surfsandandsun) says:

    I like them! Maybe because it’s my style (:

  9. didi says:

    The clothes are from Fanny Pak

  10. stardollfashionforward says:

    Yeah Some Of The Clothes Are From Fanny Pak.. Some I Havent Seen Before πŸ™‚

  11. lettie97 says:

    When do you think the October sale will be?

  12. Loophole says:

    I LOVE the over-sized sweaters!!
    I’m gonna add the purple one to my
    collection πŸ˜€

  13. sinbabee says:


  14. Rini4e says:

    They’re cute….well, most of them are.

  15. fash.aramat says:

    I hate them
    the shoes are acceptable but I wonΒ΄t buy them!!!
    what ugly clothes..

  16. izzydote says:

    Eww its ugly! It’s like the exact opposite of black lace!
    Quick Question: Does anyone know when the October Hotbuys will come out. I’m guessing October 23 cuz thats when the “Scorpio ” sign begins and necklace may come out!

  17. xilda_lady_ says:

    I love the lipgloss necklace =3

  18. kimber says:


  19. Jenna says:

    I have a sweater thta is almost exactly the same as the purple one. The only difference is that mine is blue

  20. Aaron922 says:

    So these are releasing tonight?
    I was hoping for some better ones.

  21. Hayley (surfsandandsun) says:

    It’s from the Fanny Pak dolls! πŸ˜›

  22. the t-shirt and shoes are alright but i won’t be buying any of this stuff.

  23. jenminne says:

    The necklaces, the top and the shoe I like.
    But the rest : EW.

  24. VampLady says:

    oh, so unfair. stardoll really surprised me with those awesome black lace theme, and now this crap?? eew..

  25. Tulip9 says:

    The top is ok

  26. lovelymanners says:

    My medoll could go to the gym with those clothes. Just a thought. I could – nevermind lol.

  27. ashy_loves_you says:

    OMG EWW. I like the whiteish top the most.

  28. Jess says:

    Eww, I only like the shoes–kind of.

    Lol, I agree with lovelymanners; I woulc never let my medoll be seen in those hideous clothes

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜› lol

  29. yo! says:

    i like them

  30. Kiya says:

    I only like the shoes..and top.

  31. they’re being sold in the starbazaar now. eck.

  32. xilda_lady_ says:

    Ew. After the release I don’t think the lipgloss is nice anymore. Yuck. I want new hotbuys XD

  33. Dora says:

    Be right back.

    *goes to bathroom and vomits*

    Okay, I’m here.

  34. nadine says:

    Bought the oversize and printed trainers

  35. susme says:

    this is just sad

  36. Ms.V says:

    Oh my god they’re horrible! 😦

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