Another article about HB’s :D


It’s Steelone again! This is going to be my first article, and I wanted to talk about a possible relation between the Hot Trends for Fall… and the Hotbuys clothing in the Hotbuys doll.

Most of you probably linked these concepts fastly. But before the Hot Trends for Fall picture, I was worried of the fact of having to dream with getting the adorable clothing which wasn’t released yet with the rest of HB’s. Actually that clothing will be released with all the themes that Stardoll chose with that pic! xLou26 and me thought that it could be by this way:

– The brown bag will be released with the Feathered/Boho Glam Trend.

– The silvered skirt and the white mini-dress will be released with the Future Couture Trend.

– The big and colorfull trench will released with the Pattern/Checked Trend.

– Most of the jewerlly will be released with the released with the Statement Jewerlly Trend.

– The biggest bag and the pink skirt will be released with the Checkered Trend.

– That lovely pair of peacock feather earrings will be published with the Feathered Trend.

And so with the rest of clothing! So, if you didn’t think about it still, just relax and be patient… We probably will get the HB clothing. And if not, I (the whole Stardoll) will be mad 😀


3 Responses to Another article about HB’s :D

  1. Fakeshake3 says:

    A beautiful first article!

  2. Dora says:

    Yes, yes, if we don’t get them…We’ll force them 😉
    Love the first article!

  3. UndamyUmbrellla says:

    I love that black fur jacket from the HotBuys doll. I hope we’ll be able to buy it, soon!

    By the way, great first post! 😀

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