Hot Buys.. Whoooooo!!! :D:D:D

Finally, Thank You Stardoll!

Are You Happy With These New Hot Buys?


36 Responses to Hot Buys.. Whoooooo!!! :D:D:D

  1. Stinnne says:

    they all look very pretty! Looking forward to spending… 🙂

  2. beckawh @stardoll says:

    I loove them! especially the luella dress

  3. Calllie says:

    They are awesome and they are really really fashionable Love them

  4. jess says:

    i can’t stand the models lips she

  5. lettie97 says:

    Not happy! SUPER HAPPY!
    My review of them on my blog!

  6. silverbear says:

    Oh my fxing god!how gorge are these!

  7. Lula says:

    When are they going to be released?

  8. stardollallure says:

    I have the Vogue Paris October 08, all the “Hot Fall TRends” from stardoll are there! also there is a necklace that is just like this HB necklace!And the pink boots are featured like a hot clothing for fall! Not to say there is a similar bag to the pink one too!
    Did stardoll copy everything from Vogue?

  9. that dragonfly thing and the dress are amazing and i know that i’m ready for some new eyelashes. 😀

  10. sinbabee says:

    HELL YEA.Matthew Williamson coat is soooooooo cute 🙂

  11. natalecka777 says:

    so fantastic! I love bags.

  12. My stardoll name > .BrokenHeart. says:

    What can i say?
    2 things:
    LOVE IT.

  13. 3smellyangel7 says:

    why isnt the top hello kitty anymore

  14. Cora11 says:

    more than just HAPPYYYYYYY

  15. Cora11 says:

    but those pink bootz are horrible

  16. lady.lora says:

    pauls boutique bag 🙂

  17. ALYAJ4 (FROM STARDOLL) says:


  18. lady.lora says:

    ooh.. and i want the dolls lipgloss!

  19. Episode says:

    Love it!

  20. tinkerbells says:

    gorgeous!!!!!!! but the fake kitty shirt…. eeewwwww…..

  21. weri_b says:

    I love it too :inlove:

  22. mirty6 says:

    I like all of it except for the shoes.

  23. pinky... says:

    OMG! i LOVE it! this is SO my style! cant wait!

  24. ClaireMaii/Jhuyed says:

    My jaw hurts, when I first saw these I was like WOAH! Hot-NESS! Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve em!

  25. sage says:

    i want the eyelashes

  26. izzydote says:


  27. Jess says:

    i love everything!!!

  28. jenminne says:

    I want EVERYTHING!
    Except that nasty coat.

  29. *rose*rose-cat says:

    The top used to be hello kitty. I honestly think that stardolls got trademark issues… the chanel…. now hello kitty!

  30. I heart the pursy thing
    Cant wait

  31. shansd17 says:

    i cant wait that bag omg so beautiful and those shoes i die

  32. Kiya says:

    I wish they had the white dress..and the white shoes.

  33. KaZ1996 says:

    FABULOUS!!!!! 🙂

  34. Ms.V says:

    Except those pink boots…uuu-glyyyy!
    My favourite item is the dress.
    It’s so lovely!

  35. lady.lora says:

    yeah.. that top use to be hello kitty

    go to this link from a previous SFFW blog entry and the top is hello kitty

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