October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, And To Take Part In This Stardoll Has Made Us Some Very Fabulous Pink Clothes.


29 Responses to October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  1. Rini4e says:

    absolutely ah-dorable!The bag is divinity. But they’ll most be for SS only. Bleh.


    SO CUTE!

  3. Tulip9 says:

    Aw i love them

  4. gorgeous!!! the bag is absolutely flawless!

  5. Dora says:

    I love them but I guess the dress is going to be a gift dress :((
    Oh and is anyone else HATING this new thing that stardoll does, put shadows under clothes?
    I mean I’d like it if it was a normal shadow not some grey sxxt….

  6. ninkus_n says:


  7. jenminne says:

    I love that bag!
    And I hope that Pink dress is not a gift dress.

  8. Aly says:

    Those are all so cute!

  9. Kiya says:

    Isn’t stardoll a little late with this?

  10. sinbabee says:

    Kinda not bad 🙂

  11. Yasas10 says:

    ❤ that bag!

  12. lettie97 says:

    Absolutely gorge!

  13. natalecka777 says:


  14. Jayjay says:

    when do they ccome out?

  15. lizzie1393 says:

    they’re cool! =]

  16. mimi_mami says:

    love the new clothes 😀

  17. Episode says:

    That’s a really cool thing to do!
    I remember reading on a Stardoll blog somewhere that they didn’t like how Stardoll didn’t do anything to raise awareness in October..but apparently they do!

  18. weri_b says:

    They are so stylish 🙂 I love the bag and the shoes 🙂

  19. UndamyUmbrellla says:

    I love the bag!

  20. *rose*rose-cat says:

    I KNOW!!!! I absolutly hate the shadow. Its in all the new DKNY clothes… it makes layering cute clothes impossible… Its supposed to be paperdolls not… virtual looking…

  21. susme says:

    they are awesome i love everything.

  22. Marcia256 says:

    Thats a PRADA bag OMG I LOVE IT !

  23. vikkiiee says:

    omg i loooooove them all and i will most likely buy them all: they are all super cute and awesome AND are supporting an awesome cause !!
    i want them released now :] xo

  24. moonlight_22 says:

    wooo, i love them, i cant wait..
    Im glad they have done this

  25. cute-girl-zg says:

    i have it all 😀

  26. pinkatoo101 says:

    they are in starplaza now
    ( :

  27. stardollallure says:

    I saw it today… it’s in a new shop… I like most of the clothes, but when I put them on my doll, I change my mind…
    I really love the bag, though.

  28. Ms.V says:

    Pink is really not my colour, but these clothes are very cute.
    I’m definitely going to buy some of them.

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