Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posting lately, I have been very busy with school. Lou is also very busy with uni.  Anyway, Lou and I just want to thank all of our fabulous readers, and we hope you continue to read our blog. 🙂







P.S – Is anyone having glitches in their MeDoll, payments, etc. ?? I certainley am. :/


6 Responses to Sorry…

  1. angelme12345 says:

    my chin has gone

  2. Rini4e says:

    Not that I know…But I did have a glitch with the stardolls-smthing random appears…Oh and did you notice that the sceneries have gotten a makeover too?

  3. littletyvand says:

    I did have a payment problem where I didn’t get any sms-codes, but they’ve given me most of the stardollars I payed for now… Not all of it, but I’m not gonna complain anymore..

  4. -Cooldude says:

    Im not allowed to pay for SS anymore 😦
    Stardoll took away the SMS :/

  5. qtjoy1 says:

    -Cooldude, I assume you are from the USA since that’s the country for which the SMS box is gone, when I checked just then. You can still pay by SMS. The SMS box for Australia is still there, for example; just buy the code as usual using your phone, then change the country on your purchase page, and enter the code on a different country’s SMS box. You’ll still get the amount of Stardollars etc. that you’ve paid for; changing the country doesn’t change how many sd you get, I’ve tried before.

  6. Snow_makes_me_happy says:

    But my country is Romania so I won’t never buy anymore $ because of them!!!!

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