New Sceneries! Finally!! :D

We have new sceneries! The majority of them cost 1sd but I think they are worth it as they are all very interesting.  🙂


What do YOU think of the new sceneries?? Cool or boring??



——–Will add pics later——–


6 Responses to New Sceneries! Finally!! :D

  1. Ms.V says:

    I LOVE them. 🙂

  2. ninkus_n says:


  3. Tyrall says:

    i have made like 370 scenerys and now i must delete very many to make new!



  4. ClaireMaii/Jhuyed says:

    HATE THEM! I have ALOT of secneries (I’m talking an estimated 500) and I have to stop now. I can still make scenries in my cLubs though (THANK GOD!), I jsut wish I could have the choice to have my friends in the club sceneries…

  5. Dei(To_Royal) says:

    Wow I only have like 8 of them in all :S

  6. stardoll has really changed recently.. mostly for the better!
    everythings alot easier to find now 😉

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