New Theme.. Haloween.. *Spoiler*


13 Responses to New Theme.. Haloween.. *Spoiler*

  1. Kiya says:

    I like the red hair the most. I been seeing those yarn dreds everywhere. Makes me want to braid my hair. That black dress looks interesting.

  2. waffle.luver says:

    do i see a wig? i think i do! (:

  3. jenminne says:

    I love it!.
    I want those dresses and I hope we get some Vampire Teeth,
    I want to bring in some Twilight Vampireness in.

  4. Melissa54321 says:

    I have my costume already. I made my own. You will see it the day before Halloween.

  5. yo! says:

    Cute, but how come that’s all you girls do on your blog?

  6. MollyMasquerade says:

    Awesome! Love the wig and make-up 🙂
    Dresses are cool too! XD

  7. Dora says:

    OMG I’m in love with the big black dress :oo

  8. stardollallure says:

    Hey girls!
    I’m not superstar, and I just received an e-mail from Stardoll, saying to be superstar and if I did, I would get a… pirate costume??? Looks like costumes are the new gift dreses!

  9. stardollfashionforward says:

    Really? I Saw The Pirate Things But Assumed They Were Going To Be Released In Tingling. x

  10. Vitium says:

    I like the cyber wig a lot!

  11. Ms.V says:

    Looks nice.
    Not fab, but nice.

  12. i want the vampire teeth. 😀

  13. Loophole says:


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