What Do You Think Of This Outfit That Kersit Has Made? Im One For Wonderful Unique Minishop Outfits, And I Think Theres Something Captivating About This. It May Not Be To Everyones Taste, But I Think She Pulls It Off.


17 Responses to Unique..

  1. Aaron922 says:

    I would not wear it.
    But it looks gorgeous on her.

  2. I don’t like the bag much, with or without the outfit. I’m also not sure about the outfit itself, but it’s really creative. Kudos to her!

  3. Kiya says:

    I like the oufit only..but the flowers not so much. I kinda get the idea of where she was going with it,but something about the flowers.

  4. abbie says:

    i LOVE it she is so pretty!!

  5. Rini4e says:

    Wow she looks like queen of summer or smthing. I think this is really cute and she apparently used StarDesign Interior!

  6. LilaSmiley says:

    Wow!! That is really creative! I wish I could try it but I`d never pull it off!

  7. gothiclove* says:

    It´s so pretty, she looks like a spring fairy.

  8. Angelz43 says:

    Wow,Am Just Amazed After Seeing This Outfit She’s Super Creative Keep It Up Kersit Like To See More Creative Outfits xx

  9. Episoe says:

    I think the fairy’s are a little too much, but other then that, i like it :]

  10. Mike says:

    I dont like it. Its too busy.

  11. Dora says:

    Oh My! Lovely (:

  12. xilda_lady_ says:

    Nice. I love it.

  13. Dei(To_Royal) says:

    Oh yes I love it!
    But to many bright colors!!!! lol I never wear that many bright colors together!
    White yes though 😛

  14. ClaireMaii/Jhuyed says:

    I really like it, I deffinitly could’ve of chose a more colorful eyeshadow choice though. And the purse needs to go.

  15. Musawinxgal says:

    I think it looks stunning!

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