Who Wore It Best.. Luella..

Vote For Who You Think Wore It Best, The Winner Will Get A Gift Of Their Choice


17 Responses to Who Wore It Best.. Luella..

  1. mirty6 says:

    Aaron, very chic and I like her makeup =)

  2. It was a hard one – they all look ah-mazing!
    I voted for Episode in the end though, she looks gorgeous! 🙂

  3. I think Episode’s is really chic, then again though, they all are.

  4. lady.lora says:

    i voted for aaron922

    i just love those gold chains with the dress

    but theyre all fabulouss 🙂

  5. stardollsmostfab says:

    aaron92 needs to change her tights and clean her face
    I voted za_xy, I like the belt she paired with the dress


  6. Calllie says:

    I love aaron92 muah!

  7. Calllie says:

    I mean aaron 992 love her

  8. Dora says:

    Too bad I’m not on there! :[ XDD

    Anyway, aaron992

  9. UndamyUmbrellla says:

    za_xy is my favorite.

  10. Kiya says:

    Episode..even thought it was hard to pick.

  11. Izzydote says:

    I loved Aaron992’s! That was my pick, by far but the others were fab too.

  12. qtjoy1 says:

    za_xy got my vote…she is a great friend of mine and never fails to look exceptionally stylish!

  13. jenminne says:

    Episode gets my vote.
    But everyone’s outfit looked fabulous.

  14. Aaron922 says:

    Thanks to everyone who has voted for me!

  15. za_xy says:

    Last night I had a dream in which I got ten votes, Episode got 87 and Aaron 922 got over a hundred votes. 😀 Stardoll has taken over my dreams…

    Thank you everyone who has voted for me, I really appreciate it! And I wish good luck to Episode and Aaron as well, even though you don’t seem to need it since you have so fabulous outfits 😉

  16. Ms.V says:

    Episode is my fav.

  17. Episode says:

    Thank you to all those of you who voted for me!…
    And za_xy and Aaron922, your outfit’s look amazing :]

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