SFF Contest.. Look A Like..

As You May Know, SFF Is Trying To Be Based More Around Fashion Than Spoilers, And To Do That We Want To Get Our Readers More Involved And Give You The Opportunity To Express Your Creativeness.

We Are Running A Contest For Everyone To Take Part In And The Prize Is One Months Superstar Membership!

We Will Pick A Photo From A Runway Show And We Want You To Recreate That Look Being As Creaive As Possible. I Know Some Of You May Not Be Able To Afford Lots Of Clothes And Stuff So If You Want To, You Can Create The Look In A Scenery.

So I (Lou) Am Picking The First Outfit For You To Recreate And I Have Chosen It From The Dior 2008 Fall Couture Show.

The Look

Once You Have Created Your Look Tell Us Your Stardoll Name And Where We Can See Your Created Outfit

Me, Keisha And Sarah Will Be Picking The Best 3 And Then We Will Let You Vote On Your Favourite.

Good Luck, And If You Have Any Questions Dont Hesitate To Ask 🙂


79 Responses to SFF Contest.. Look A Like..

  1. Oh.My.Gosh.X0X says:

    0MG !! AWS0ME !! But Where Do I Buy The Dress ? Is It In The Starplaza ??????????

  2. hi i really want to enter the contest my name is sosoroxxi1996 i want the free superstar gift 4 my bff cos- she really want to be a super satr u could find the look in my album =)

    sosoroxxi1996 xo….

  3. stardollfashionforward says:

    You Have To Create This Dress Yourself Using Whatever You Can Find 🙂

  4. starlifemagazin says:

    For how long will it continue?

  5. stardollfashionforward says:

    Good Point.. Erm.. We Will Pick The Best 3 Next Saturday 🙂

  6. Angelz43 says:

    I’ve Created It,It Really Is A Challenge…

  7. SiSi says:

    Hi my names is sisimys and you can find my crations on scenerys the name is ssf comp 🙂

  8. ykuiget says:

    Hi! My account is ykuiget. I am not superstar so its not very cool but im happy with the look =) I really want to win superstar so please check the costume out =)

  9. stardollfashionforward says:

    Its An Outfit.. Never A Costume 😛

  10. Leanne says:

    hey i stuggled to make the dress but I came up with a silar idea. I used a hell of alot of drsses and skirts lol. I couldnt find a belt though. My name is

    You can find the look in my album

  11. you can find mine in my album

  12. Monroe... says:

    My stardoll account is Monroe… and I have made an dress 🙂

  13. za_xy says:

    Oh, it sounds like fun – I’m in! You can find my weird and wonderful creation in my page… And I’m za_xy. : )

  14. ykuiget says:

    but xlou26, do you like my “outfit”? =) sorry i ment to say outfit but i wrote costume lol…

  15. stardollfashionforward says:


    Sorry But We Cant Give Anything Away 😛

  16. magunique says:

    Hiya – I am currently dressed in my interpretation of this look! Really hope you like it – spent loads on it! Tried to buy something else which would have been perfect but it was too rare to find and waaaaay too expensive to buy!!!! My username is punkyfish2007

  17. ykuiget says:

    umm, so you cant tell me that do you like it or not? =) i really want to win 🙂 you dont have to tell me but its just that i dont have any money to buy something new so i put all my white clothes togehter 😀

  18. magunique says:

    oh – forgot to say – i done the hair and make-up too

  19. stardollfashionforward says:

    No Sorry.. It Wouldnt Be Fair On Anyone Else So We Are Going To Keep Quiet Lol

  20. magunique says:

    I actually just added a bit to mine to make it look more like the model – punkyfish2007

  21. Monroe... says:

    Hi Again! I did my makeup and hair as the model to the Dior Gown. So if you don’t have anything to do, just go by and check 🙂

  22. jessie says:

    cool contest but i cant enter sorry but still awesome

  23. ciocia_wiedzma says:

    Hi! I’m ciocia_wiedzma. I wear the dress at the moment, because i cant save it in album:(

  24. alicia says:

    Hi, I’m alicia_iz and you can see the dress in my suite lol 😀

  25. FudgeKitten says:

    Hi I am FudgeKitten and my creation is posted under the scenery ‘For Stardoll Fashion Forward’

    I Tried My Best, I Hope Its Enough

    xo (:

  26. Lindsay (lgap) says:

    OhMeeGawsh! Sounds Hawte, I’ll Do It Rite Away(:

    Also Yhoor Blog Is Friggin’ Awesome I Adior It Much!

  27. pink-penguin3 says:

    I tried it was hard btu I tried. It was a chalenge but I think I made a good recreation.

  28. Sugarland10 says:

    Done! =]
    (That’s my SD username)

  29. Aly says:

    Me, my username is 11.Alice.11

  30. ykuiget says:

    Hey! you know what? i made a scenery with the dress so the dress im wearing isnt the one… look at my latest scenery to see my dress!

  31. ClaireMaii/Jhuyed says:

    I made a scenery aswell, appearently, I have ‘Too many sceneries.’ Therefore, I took a screenshot of it. This was pretty heard; but I tried:

  32. mysecketlover says:

    I’ve made a dress, it’s my newest scenery!
    I hope you like it!

  33. memo16 says:

    Love the contest as much as i LOVE the dress.!
    i’ve made mine
    u can see it here

    i’ve even matched the hair & make up thing =Pp~

    oh and my name on stardoll is:memo16

    xo =)

  34. sara_blu says:

    so my name is:

    sara_blu on stardoll

    i made my dress on my suite but u can also find it in my album :):):)

    it’s pretty good i think if I don’t win can u jusp please tell me your oppinion about it?

  35. I made an outfit xD My SD name is bubitza_zubitza.

  36. alicia says:

    Hi again, sorry but I don’t know if somebody of the contest went to my suite. But now my outfit is finish. Thanks so much


  37. Katee/Annakin says:

    Ok i’ve finished it’s in my suite my suite name is Annakin

  38. Lindsay (lgap) says:

    Haii Meh Again.. I Just Finished Thee Task, Yhoo Can Check My Album Now, The Number of Thee Doll is 29, My User Name Is lgap, Puhlease Check My Album Cause In My Page I’ll Nawte Beh Wearing The Outfit(:

    x. Lindsay

  39. _x_x_Emma_x_x_ says:

    I’ve made my own version of the dress. Hope you like it!

    I’ve saved it in my sceneries with the name ‘Stardoll Fashion Forward Contest’ and my stardoll name is _x_x_Emma_x_x_


  40. Aly says:

    I redid mine

  41. Dei(To_Royal) says:

    Maybe next time I will try, white is just not my color lol =)

  42. Lindsay (lgap) says:

    I’m made a pic with it(:

    Comparing the Real Dress wiht Mine(:

    x. Lindsay

  43. Tyrall says:

    I’ve made one, it’s on me!

  44. Hennessyali says:

    ive made mine my stardoll name is hennessyali please check it out it is on pg 30 of my albun
    or go to the third pg of contenst and the verylast hennessyali is the 1 4 dis contest it might take a while to load but it would be worth it please

  45. Kiya says:

    This seems fun. I’ll try if I have time..

  46. aero_flo_grl says:

    I’m not Superstar so I did mine in starplaza and took a screen shot–

    Hope you like it!


  47. Verojun says:

    I’m in, great comp. xxx verojun / dina

  48. Laluchoo96 says:

    i’ll do it in scenery

  49. Lillie says:

    Great competition!

    My user name is puzzlability, and my entry is under my sceneries.

  50. Laluchoo96 says:

    | Thats my stardoll name

  51. Kiya says:

    Mines looks nothing, like the picture. But it was fun to try. It’s in save in my scenery.

  52. bubitza_zubitza says:

    In case I change in mean time, my entry once again. http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i52/Naavi/SFF_contest-1.jpg


  53. anahi_ioana10 says:

    anahi_ioana10 is my name

  54. ninkus_n says:

    Hi 🙂 I am in and my nickname is:


    The outfit is saved in my scenery:

    SFF Contest.. Look A Like..

    I hope you like it 🙂

  55. My outfit is on now 🙂
    Check it out, my username is MollyMasquerade XD

  56. TiffanyTerror says:

    Hey! Love love love the dress..anyways I created my version..very tricky. =)

    Username – TiffanyTerror


  57. Dora says:

    I’m also in!
    I am wearing it, and I also made a scenery and saved it in the album. :DD

  58. TiffanyTerror says:

    Hmm tried to edit my comment to include a link but here it is, thought it might be easier!

    Hope that works!

  59. TiffanyTerror says:

    I tried to edit my comment to include a link but it didnt work. Heres a link to a pic, thought it might be easier.

  60. Musawinxgal says:

    My username on Stardoll is Musawinxgal, and you can see my entry at:

    Hope u like it! `xo

  61. Musawinxgal says:

    Oh soz, the link didn’t come up on the post I sent be4, I’ll send u the link on Stardoll!

  62. jose-io says:

    Hmm.. Thought I’d give this a go,
    So Lou and Keisha it’s in my suite

  63. xhonestex says:

    Hey, my username is xhonestex, and this is my doll. Its saved on my doll, but if my suite won’t load this is the link


    Hope you like it !

  64. waffle.luver says:

    hello.. just wondering.. (quoting) “So I (Lou) Am Picking THE FIRST Outfit For You To Recreate And I Have Chosen It From The Dior 2008 Fall Couture Show.” (I capitalized the part im talking about..) does this mean theres gonna be another contest? 😀

    answer please! (:

  65. pinkishee says:

    my user name is pinkishee, please do look at my me-doll at http://www.stardoll.com/member/pinkishee

  66. stardollfashionforward says:

    Hey waffle.luver, Providing That This Contest Goes Well Then Yeah. But Thats If People Want Annother One 😛

  67. alicia says:

    Hi again,

    Well I don’t know if someone went to my suite so I think is better if I let a link lol http://es.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2jcj6uo&s=4



  68. Cuterabbit21 says:

    Hey guys. Great idea. I have done and its saved in my album. It was a BIG challenge but I think I did OK. Thanks guys. Keep blogging =]

  69. waffle.luver says:

    omigosh alicia_iz!!

    The top part of your dress looks like mine (so far) xD

    i better hurry it up with mine..

  70. Gemma******** says:

    Ive Done It and thats my user name up there, i saved it im my album have a look 🙂

  71. viiety says:

    Mine is just done!
    My stardoll username is viiety.
    You will find it in my scennery.
    I named it : SFF . Look-A-Like
    Hope you like it 🙂

  72. Vitium says:

    My entry is in my album! (SFF Look-A-Like comp)
    My username is Vitium 🙂

  73. alicia says:

    Well waffle.luver , If you see at october 25, you will read I said I finish my dress that day… so yes! it’s a coincidence lol

  74. Vitium says:

    But there is a link, too:

  75. mithzz says:

    Who ? : mithzz
    where ? : scenery
    what ?: SFF look-a-like competition

  76. mithzz says:

    did you see mine ?
    cuz it’s so alike to the jeremy one..

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