Thanks everyone for voting for Stardoll Fashion Forward in Star Awards! We are now officially nominee(s).  We love that you voted for us, and continue to read our blog. Thank-you everyone!


Oh, and please (only if you vote, or even want to) vote Lou (xLou26) for best dressed. She creates amazing, unique outfits all the time, some of them consisting of stuff from the Minishop!


                                     Keisha & Lou


6 Responses to WOOP!


    This blog truly deserves to WIN!Stardoll Fashion Forward is just sooo advanced with the latest updates! I am addicted!

    Oh, & of course Lou! She’s one of the most creative people on Stardoll that I’ve met! And most importantly, a person with a big heart! With an impressive closet to match!

    Again, I wish you all the luck & my vote will be on you both!



    You truly deserve to win!

    My votes will be on both of you!


  3. Dora says:

    Yay! I voted for you :]
    Also thank you everyone who got me in ‘Best MeDoll’!! Woooooop!

  4. Ms.V says:


  5. lady.lora says:

    oooh i am gonns vote for you!!

    i really want you to win!!

    definatley deserved!!

  6. Yasas10 says:

    Of course you’ve made it true – this blog is addictive.
    ❤ it!

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