*****MASSIVE SPOILER***** Decades..

New Shop in StarPlaza?? Called Decades??

Including Clothes From Chanel Doll And From The Decade Doll!

:D:D:D Coco Chanel Clothes..

The Clothes Have Been Remade For Our MeDolls.

These Clothes Have Been Seen Around Stardoll But We Have Never Had The Chance To Get Our Hands On Them.. Maybe We Will Be Able To Buy These Too? 🙂

What Are Your Thoughts On The New Shop And Clothes To Go In It?


41 Responses to *****MASSIVE SPOILER***** Decades..

  1. Episode says:

    awesome! :]

  2. sinbabee says:

    Sounds great! Especially pink top :)))

  3. Loophole says:

    the clothes are from the decade doll 🙂
    yeah love them :]

  4. Yasas10 says:

    Aaaaah! lol
    Can’t wait!

  5. Pocketful says:

    So pretty!
    I think I’m gonna buy all the CC clothes :’)

  6. fababi says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhh! very swish! i loooooooooooe coco chanel! like the best desighner ever!
    I CANT WAIT! :o)

  7. Lettie97 says:

    They are okay-ish.

  8. Dalvik the stardoll name says:


  9. EternityMagazine says:

    I want to buy Chanel sequined dress,I adore that one!!!!

  10. Kiya says:

    I like some of them..that pink short dress I like.

  11. Ang. says:

    must…get…these…clothes. 😀 stardoll better release them.

  12. The Stardoll Insiders says:

    There’s also a dress from the jewel theme that has never been released in Starplaza…

  13. bridget88 says:

    The pinkish Coco Chanel coat looks just like DKNY Flannel Jacket!

    I think they’re releasing this to compensate us for the “fake” chanel clothes.

  14. UndamyUmbrellla says:

    Oh no! I only have 6 stardollars! I must get more immediately! I love so much of these items!

  15. sinbabee says:

    Oh baby yea.. 😀 emillio pucci bag…I LOVE THESE 😀

  16. mirty6 says:

    some are nice, some are really a bit too ‘decadish’ if you get what I mean =)

  17. mikalovesyou says:


  18. Fashion.Fantasy says:


  19. fash.aramat says:

    finally I hope it will be really able to buy in starplaza I love those clothes 😀

  20. stylewatch12 says:

    Ohmigod! SHUT UP! I think it’s supposed to be like the vintage store “Decades”. Yes, No?

    I don’t know, but all those clothes are totally vintage and ADORABLE! Ugh, yes! More CHANEL!!!

  21. justme says:

    i love it soooo much.i cant wait till this shop comes out.

  22. Melissa54321 says:


  23. evangeline79 says:

    I want Coco clothes!;D

  24. Robinbird00 says:

    How do you know all of this?? lol but i cant wait!

  25. Rkangel26 says:

    Not to go too off subject, but just wanted to let everyone know that the first season Vivienne Tam is about to be retired, so buy it now! At least this means that the new collection’s probably coming out soon 🙂

  26. Psychotic-Freak says:


    Old lady much?

    Sorry, but this stuff reminds me of the stuff my gran used to wear. All flowery and pastels, which is whats in, only the style of it is wrong.

    But thats just mee 🙂

  27. Pink_Ducky says:

    Love them! (Well.. most of them ;))

  28. Rini4e says:

    hmmmm…not bad. Well ok not horrible but not awesome either. Just….blah.

  29. anahi_ioana10 says:


  30. Swedish_Hilton says:

    It’s out now. I think it’s ugly, 1920-30 is really not my style.

  31. Swedish_Hilton says:

    Add: If my grandmother would be alive, she would wear something like this.

  32. Kiya says:

    It’s in the shop now. Some of them are kinda old fashion, but it reminds me of what my grandma worn back then.
    That’s maybe why I like some.

  33. Psychotic-Freak says:

    Wow. The Grandma comments are rolling in 😛

    I loved my gran and miss her, but that doesnt mean I want to wear her clothing, even if it is virtual.

    Is it in now? Im going to go see.

  34. VampLady says:

    they are kinda nice, but prices are ridiculous , not worth paying

  35. Psychotic-Freak says:

    Ok, I concede, the New Look flowery dres is gorgeous, and the Chineseish dress [[white with black spots, sleeveless, high neck, first spoiler picture]] is quite nice, and Ive made a nice little outfit with it [[check out my suite]]. May even try the 30’s dress in the first spoiler picture [[long one with blue accents]]. But besides that? Stardoll, my dead nanna called. She wants her clothes back.

  36. Kiya says:

    Lol@Freak. Yea it reminds a little of what my grandma would of worn. But they do cost a lot. So far I like most of the Coco clothes, and that pink short dress.

  37. Ms.V says:

    NOT my style.

  38. sinbabee says:

    god damn i still love it 😀

  39. Rini4e says:

    Ugh.Almost all SS, ugly and ridiculously overpriced. What are those people at SD thinking?

  40. ninafrusciante says:

    how do u get all this information?

  41. JolieFille423 says:

    the pink jacket isn’t in the shop! what gives?

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