Mini-Shop Challenge..

Okay.. I Want To Set A Challenge To All The Readers.

The Look A Like Contest Was Quite Hard Because You Had To Try And Make Your Outfit Look Like The Picture, But I Would Like To See What You All Create When You Can Create Any Look You Can.

I Love Using The Mini Shop Items To Create My Outfits As You Know, So SFF Wants To See What You Can Come Up With.

The Challenge: Create A Fabulous Outfit Using Mini-Shop Items And As Little Clothes Items As Possible

Create Your Outfit In Either In Your Suite (Doesnt Have To Be On Your Doll) Or In A Scenery And Tell Us Here When You Have Entered. Me, Keisha Or Sarah Will Print Screen Your Outfit.

The Best 5 Will Be Featured On The Blog.

**The Look A Like Contest Will END Tomorrow, We Will Pick The Best 3 And You Have Until Saturday To Vote For Your Favourite**


32 Responses to Mini-Shop Challenge..

  1. Arna-Rut says:

    I made one in a scenery but icouldnt make a scenery so i made in my club RC-PaulinaP :P’

  2. Fashion.Fantasy says:

    Cool šŸ˜€

  3. PlastixxEmmi says:

    Here’s mine
    It saved weird for some reason and my medoll’s arms half disapeared

  4. Kiya says:

    I would try but, I don’t have that much furni or money to spend. Maybe next time..

  5. Mushkaa says:

    Awesome Idea to do such competition!
    I have done scenery for it.
    Here is the link:

  6. sinbabee says:

    My outfit is in my suite,I hope contest havent ended šŸ˜€

  7. Siagra says:

    Chek out my suite.!
    I made outfit.

  8. Saigra says:

    sorry I made mistake in my name, I’m
    My outfit is in my suite.

  9. I think you should do a who wore it best new look hotbuys dress come see mine! ITS AWESOME

  10. xKiTTYKiWi says:

    This is mine i am so sorry about my necklace going a bit crazy but this outfit took ages so i couldnt make it again ā¤

  11. weri_b says:
    That’s my link šŸ™‚ I hope you like it šŸ™‚

  12. mikalovesyou says:

    I made a few, here is the first one:

  13. mikalovesyou says:

    Ok nevermind those links above. They won’t work.

    This is the one I am entering for the comp.

  14. ArDu says:

    Check out my outfit šŸ˜€ my SD name is ArDu

  15. OK….third time posting haha (posting issues). I had taken a screen shot but the link won’t show up so anyways…my outfit is in my suite (TiffanyTerror) Thanks!! =)

  16. Robinbird00 says:

    check out mine! its my outfit saved in my suite

  17. Angelz43 says:

    Hi Lou,Keisha And Sarah Heres My Entry:
    Hope You Like It
    xx Nazish [Angelz43]

  18. DeLacroix says:

    Hello girls! I did mine, I’m wearing the design on me. Hope you come and check it out =) x

  19. sinbabee says:

    Oki guys I posted my outfit here it looks kinda small but.. šŸ˜¦

  20. Hennessyali says:

    heya i did mine hope u like it its in my scenery my stardoll name is hennessyali here is the link

  21. Hennessyali says:

    soz dat was da wrong link
    dis is da rite 1

  22. Calllie says:

    That is really great Idea the girls here are so creative I’m sure there will be perfect outfits =]
    I’m not in because I’m not on stardoll for long and I don’t really have a time :S
    I can’t wait to see the outfits =]

  23. Dina_da_Dino says:

    The outfit my medoll is wearing happens to be made out of minishop items, so I will enter it in! šŸ˜€

    xo Dina

  24. Jessie ( Angel-Stylin ) says:

    I’ve Made Mine In My Suite, Angel-Stylin is My User Name


  25. pwincess95 says:

    hi i’ve just gotten back from a holiday and i was wondering if you could please accept my late entry.

    my entry:

    xoxo pwincess95

  26. Musawinxgal says:

    Here is my entry, hope u like it!
    If the link doesn’t work/show up, my account is Musawinxgal on stardoll, my entry is in my newest scenery!

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