Look A Like Finalists..

Thank You To Everyone Who Took Part In This, You All Looked So Fabulous. And I Hope You Created Outfits You Never Thought You Could Until Now :P, The Next Outfit Wont Be As Hard.

Okay So These Are The Outfits We Want You To Vote On..


bubitza_zubitza made an exact duplicate of the real dress! She layered and made the dress look just like a ‘Look-A-Like’. Ha! 😛


jeremyn2005 made a gorgeous dress! It is similar to the real life dress, and adds every detail just to make it perfect!


jose-io did wonderful on her dress. It was very creative, and you can tell she put a lot of thought into it.


Monroe… used many different things to create hers, some such as…Spider webs! Lol, it is unique.


All of these girls made fabulous dresses. Which one is your favourite?? Vote in the poll! 🙂


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