Exclusive Interview With Dodence_bt

Some Of You May Already Know Mario From The Latest Issue Of Done! As He Is Dones Exclusive Fashion Designer. He Has An Amazing Skill And I Was Able To Ask Him To Produce ANY Outfit. I Asked Him To Create Me A Dress From Diors Couture Fall 2008 Collection.


He Also Made These Desses From Andrew Gn’s 2009 Spring Collection.



He Has Also Shown Me Previous Items He Has Made Inlcuding A DKNY Collection And Handbags.




SFF: How Did You Get Into Designing And Making Virtual Clothes?

Mario: I always wanted to become a fashion designer. When I was young, I was drawing my designs on paper, but when I bought my computer I started making clothes on it. First, I was using paint, but when I saw stardoll, I started making them in photoshop. I have been practising for 2 years… and… this is what I do now.

SFF: What Inspires You The Most When Making Your Clothes?

Mario: I get inspired by everything. People, countries, cultures, even food. I am also inspired by the fashion icons and their glamourous style, like Audreu Hepburn, Jackie Kenedy, Coco Chanel… and of course Victoria Beckham and Dita von Teese.

SFF: What Do You Enjoy About Stardoll?

Mario: Well, first I love stardoll because I can meet very nice, fashionable and fabulous people. I love fashion and stardoll can give me that the best.

SFF: Any Tips For Aspiring Virtual Fashion Designers?

Mario: Uhm… I’m really not a professional stardoll designer and I have a big journey to go. But I will tell them not to lose faith. I know this job is too stressfull and needs patience, but you should never give up. I knew that to succeed in what you do, you need to work and try harder and harder. And that’s exactly what I did.

Look Out For His Own Collection Of Clothes In Done! Magazines December Issue!


43 Responses to Exclusive Interview With Dodence_bt

  1. Kersit says:

    Does he work on Stardoll?

  2. stardollfashionforward says:

    No He Doesnt 🙂

  3. Kersit says:

    he MUST hahaaa great amazing clothes!

  4. clare says:

    OMG wow he is amazing
    should totally get a job on stardoll i would buy all those clothes
    well done


  5. Arna-Rut says:

    if he’d make stardoll clothes, ID BUY THEM ALL, Mario’s seriously talented.. and nice 😀

  6. dodence_bt says:

    Omg, thank you soo much for the good comments… lol :)))

  7. lettie97 says:

    He is VERY talented! 🙂
    He should SOOOOO word on SD!

  8. Mihaela says:

    Mario, you’re the best. Your clothes fascinate me 🙂 You have a big talent ……you’re doing a wonderful job….keep on that way

  9. Swedish_Hilton says:

    Love the clothes, that black bag is gorgeous!!! I hope stardoll will notice!

  10. Tyrall says:

    I Love them!
    Oh My…

    //Claire the Mario Graphics Crazy Cow

  11. Camilla(beauty31310's sd-bff) says:

    uh how did you get him to make YOU a dress

  12. mirty6 says:

    Wow, very very talented!!! My congrats!

  13. stardollfashionforward says:

    Lol He Made Them For Me Because Hes A Good Friend 🙂

  14. Melissa54321 says:

    he should apply for a graphic designer on stardoll!

  15. rbdangel8 says:

    How can he not be working for Stardoll?!

  16. Emmi says:

    He should make his own dressup games

  17. I told stardoll about Mario 😀

  18. Dora says:

    Wow that is AMAZING o:

    I’m like in utter shock. Can’t speak.

  19. he has truly a great fashion taste and indeed very talented designer.

  20. Episode says:

    It doesn’t really have the Stardoll quality to it, but it’s nice! :]

  21. Cora11 says:

    wow i would like those in our shops

  22. hasanprishtina says:

    He gotta work for SD!

  23. Episode says:

    It doesn’t have the Stardoll quality but it’s good! :]

  24. dodence_bt says:

    Oh, maybie you can do them better… 🙂
    I was making that Dior for 1 week you Shit!
    But, people say everything… 🙂
    Maybie I am a bad fashion designer. Too good Stardoll liked them .:)

  25. dodence_bt says:

    Thank you Fashion.Fantasy for telling stardoll about me. I really appreciate that. 🙂

  26. Episode says:

    I’m sorry if i offended you, i didn’t mean too!
    i guess i didn’t really formulated myself properly; i was talking about the quality of the final pictures, not your talent..
    your not a bad fashion designer, you’re very talented…

  27. dodence_bt says:

    Thank you. 🙂

  28. fash.aramat says:

    you are very talendted
    you made amazing clothes
    I love them 😀

  29. mimi_mami says:

    i would by his clothes on stardoll !



  30. Kiya says:

    What art or fashion college, did you go to, or are planning to? I also want to get into designing, but art school is very costly. So I just settle for computer science,for now.
    Since you said you make most of them in photoshop, is there a computer design course?
    By the way the dresses are very nice and very detail.

  31. Jhuyed says:

    That is SO awsome. The clothes loom EXACTLY alike. Bravo!!!!!

  32. At the risk of sounding like Rachel Zoe….I DIE! =) Those clothes are seriously fab. As for you NOT already working for stardoll…hun you are WAY to good for them, your talent would be wasted recoloring all of their old busted up clothes. =) You should start your own site.

    Love the clothes, keep rockin them out.



  34. Ms.V says:

    Wow he’s so talented!
    Amazing! :O

  35. sheermagazine says:

    What a talented person.
    I would buy every clothing item he made!

  36. dodence_bt says:

    Thank you soo much everybody! 🙂

  37. Kiya says:

    I guess he won’t answer my question?

  38. dodence_bt says:

    Hello. I’m really sorry, I missed your questin. 🙂
    Uhm… I haven’t been to a course. I’m only 14 years old and I was just practising and practising untill I get the clothes I want.
    Get it?:D

  39. Kiya says:

    It’s ok. If there’re fashion or art scholarships, you can easily get it, with you talent. It’s never too early, to try to get into a art school, or college. Maybe an intern can even help you on your way..^.^

  40. Dei(To_Royal) says:

    Seriouly ,Stardoll should hire him! PRONTO!

  41. Mimi_Mami says:

    I actually noticed that the suite where paulina is with the white and orange dress is mine 😀

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