Mini-Shop Outfits..

Soooo Sorry For The Lack Of Posts And The Long Delay Of The Mini Shop Challenge.

Well Here Are Some Outfits That I Came Across.. Well Done Girls 🙂







31 Responses to Mini-Shop Outfits..

  1. UndamyUmbrellla says:

    Dina looks so amazing!

  2. sinbabee says:

    Yea I like Dina outfit!

  3. lgap (Lindsay) says:

    I agree with Kasia,
    Dina looks completely AMAZiNG(:

    x. Lindsay

  4. dodence_bt says:

    Dina’s outfit ROCKS!

  5. fababi says:

    I think Diana_da_Dino has made an AMAZING outfit!

  6. Ms.V says:

    I agree with everyone above, Dina’s outfit is gorgeous!

  7. Jayjay says:

    dina’s is A-Maaaaazing!

  8. izzydote says:


  9. *rose*rose-cat says:

    I like tiffany_Terror’s the only item she has on from starplaza is her shoes, and even the bows on her shoes are even from the minishop.

  10. Anna says:

    you should go to Invidia
    she has amazing dress

  11. Feer2997-pink says:

    wow…is so,so creative

  12. Agyness5 says:

    Tifany terror probably cheeted because I saw the same dress at Stardoll Newsflash some time ago and it was much bettter

  13. I KNOW! says:


  14. thestardollinsiders says:

    Loving Dina’s outfit! 😀

    Well done everyone!

  15. Angelz43 says:

    Dina’s Outfit looks stunning!

  16. mikalovesyou says:

    Dina’s is the only good one, the rest..not ver nice…


  17. ClaireMaii/Jhuyed says:

    I, personally, think everyone did a WONDERFUL job. Really nice 😉

  18. Thank you guys so much for featuring my outfit!

    I am just stunned by some of these outfits! Great job to everyone…I am so inspired.


  19. I actually just noticed the post by Agyness5.

    I don’t generally acknowledge ignorant posts but, I felt like addressing this one because it was particularly rude.

    First of all, I don’t read that blog, I had not actually seen it before. When I read what you said though, I got interested…so I checked it out.

    I will say that yeah….there is a post of a dress “similar” to mine..same curtains. Interesting thing is that it was posted yesterday lol. So…sorry to dissapoint you hun but Im not a psychic I submitted my dress over a week ago. Nice try though.


  20. indy9152 says:

    hey, check out mine!!

  21. dilaradarling says:

    haha i did not acctually think that i would have one of the bet outfits and i agree to the others Dina looks really good 😀


  22. Dina’s outfit is the best ..

  23. Anon says:

    ArDu’s outfit is meant to be a recreation of an outfit from the Christian Lacroix Couture 2008 collection.

  24. Calllie says:

    Yeah yeah Dina’s outfit is a dress wich everyone want to wear!So I thing she is totally awesome creator

  25. America4life says:

    I like dinas outfit best.

  26. babuci1992 says:

    I like Jenn and Dina’s outfits.

  27. Barbuch96 says:

    For those who have an i-dressup account, will you PLEASE vote me for the contest? Heres the link, if not, my username is Barbuch96 as in stardoll.

  28. Barbuch96 says:
  29. Agyness5 says:

    I’m voting for Dina.She’s the best and her outfit looks perfect

  30. Oh.My.Gosh.X0X says:

    jeremny2005 Looks Beautiful !!! SHE SH0ULD WiN

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