Another Stardoll Glitch..

Ive Just Recieved A Message On Stardoll From Music.Junkie-x- Saying How Shes Just Bought The Unreleased HB Leopard Print Pumps In The Starbazaar. So I Went Along To Visit Her To See For My Self, And There They Were. Im Assuming Its Annother “DKNY” Repeat Where They Have Accidently Released Clothes.


Has Anyone Else Found These Shoes For Sale Or Any Other Items That Shouldnt Be Out Yet. Let Us Know πŸ™‚


21 Responses to Another Stardoll Glitch..

  1. rachel says:

    no i havent seen them but what about dkny?

  2. stardollfashionforward says:

    The DKNY Geo Collection Was Accidently Released A Couple Of Days Early Then Taken Away However People Were Still Able to Sell The Clothes Once They Had Been Taken Out Of The Starplaza.

  3. ntemisfe says:

    I had seen them on the Starplaza that day,but when I went some hours later to buy them they were not there!!They were released when the Bisou clothes with the first prises were released.But when the prises changed the shoes disappeared…

  4. silverbear says:

    The hotbuys jacket has already disapered,and the othr are still there.

  5. LaLa says:

    Her ones are from Folk , the unreleased ones Rio.

  6. stardollfashionforward says:

    Thanks For The Info Girls πŸ™‚

  7. xilda_lady_ says:

    I got them when they were in the plaza for those miserable 6 stardollars. Nice shoes.

  8. karlo says:

    they were released kinda few days ago

  9. Haylin295 says:

    They are not the same if you zoom her me doll then put her shoes on her you will see that they are not the same…

    Hana Wolfick

  10. juliothedork says:

    i saw them in the shop a week ago, when you searched what was new. then they were gone.
    the new wool rainbow coat is coming out in the next 5 days.

  11. stardollfashionforward says:

    They Are The Same, The Ones Featured On The HB Page Are Made To Look Like Real Life Versions. The Stardoll Ones Are The Ones Shown On The Doll :).

  12. Is true, the shoes aren’t the same, the hills are different, the real ones are black, the doll’s ones are printed. Also, the real pair of shoes will be released at Rio and those were released at Folk..

  13. mithzz says:

    I have seen it in the starbazar too but it was too expensive so I didn’t bought it πŸ™‚

  14. Correction says:

    The bag is actually the 3rd thing to be released from the 10 Hot Trends For Fall.
    The Velvet dress made by Stella McCartney and the Lace dress made by Balmain.

  15. I KNOW! says:

    They were out for a day.

  16. wilting-daisies says:

    yay, the hot buys necklace is out though! isn’t it supposed to come out tomorrow though? or was it today? i don’t know but i bought it. πŸ™‚

  17. stardollfashionforward says:

    No, wilting-daisies when any HB comes out they always release it the night before the actual release date.

  18. mrs_gomes says:

    The hot buys shoes were in Folk waaaaaaay earlier, around the last week of october…i know this because my mother-in-law was on holiday and she came back on halloween ( they were there b4 she got back) and i had been trying for ages to buy them during that time but it would always say an item you have tried to purchase is not available…i clocked it was the shoes because they were out on sale before their due date…damn u stardoll

  19. tinkerbells95 says:

    I have those shoes too πŸ™‚ totally love them

  20. Ms.V says:

    I don’t have those shoes…:(
    I’ll still have to wait for ’em.

  21. Kaz1996 says:

    I bought those HB shoes weeks ago!!

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