Some Of The New Items, What Do You Think?

The Bag Is The Third (Thanks To All Who Reminded Me About The Velvet Dress :P) Item To Be Released From The Fall/Winter Tends


12 Responses to *Spoiler*

  1. VampLady says:

    jacket is ugly, though I like bag. only . lol

  2. karlo says:

    boho deluxe 😀

  3. Angelz43 says:

    Wow,They’re awesome can’t wait for the bag & jacket to release! Thanx lou,keisha,sarah for the spoilers!

  4. natalecka777 says:

    I love this bag.x

  5. marcia256 says:

    OMG yeahhh Its gucci

  6. spencer31568 says:

    the bag is actually the third item to be released because the inspired by balmain in the black lace theme is in the trends too.

  7. sinbabee says:

    Gucci bag yay!

  8. Ms.V says:

    Love the bag ❤

  9. NeonDinosaurs says:

    These clothes are actually modeled by the Gucci clothes. Too band they’re kind of ugly. D:

  10. NeonDinosaurs says:


  11. NeonDinosaurs says:

    Oh, the bag is actually the fourth item as the statement jewelery has also been released.

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