Some Of Tonights New Clothes.. Your Thoughts?


19 Responses to *Spoiler*

  1. fababi says:

    they dont really fit in with the new theme do they? does any one know when the new DKNY is coming out on stardoll?

  2. mimi_mami says:

    I love them !

    The bag is fabulous.
    In fact, all the clothes are!

    I dont really like the trousers that much, though.

  3. Pynx says:

    Pretty boring.

  4. JolieFille423 says:

    I like the black and white dress the best, the others are ok, anything can look cute when accessorized correctly!

  5. jelly6 says:

    ugly..but i like the jeans

  6. Melissa54321 says:

    They were realeased this morning but you can’t buy them

  7. EternityMagazine says:

    I liked the shoes and a bag

  8. Pretty boring.
    The shoes and the bag are not doing anything for me.
    The jeans I don’t really like at all. I know I won’t be buying them. If they were skinny jeans I’d buy them!!
    The red dress kinda looks like one of those Voile gift dresses or the dresses that Stardoll says “Join Now and you’ll get this beautiful dress!!” even though it is not beautiful at all.
    I might buy the black and white dress though. It looks sorta nice.

  9. Episode says:

    The bag is ok, but it’s all a bit boring

  10. jenminne says:

    They’re ok..

  11. not-perfect111 says:

    i like the jeans,but not enough too buy them. 😀

  12. Aly says:

    Bag and jeans? Fabulous!

  13. Shoes, Bag, and Dress ♥

  14. *rose*rose-cat says:

    Yea, does anyone know when the new DKNY is coming out? There hasnt been a fall collection, and its already almost winter!!!

  15. wilting-daisies says:

    i like the purse and the white dress is nice. but that’s all. :/

    i’m ready for the new DKNY.

  16. lulinha says:

    I like the bag (only !!!)
    I need The new DKNY Fall 2008

    i think We need to send e-mail asking for stardoll stuff about the new collection!

  17. fababi says:

    i think every one should send an email 2 ask when the new DKNY is cumin out!

  18. Ms.V says:

    Yes, when’s the DKNY Fall collection coming out??
    I can’t wait…
    And it’s already NOVEMBER!!
    Oh, and ’bout those clothes…
    They’re OK.

  19. MollyMasquerade says:

    the bag is awesome and the white dress, but the red dress has a really unflattering cut in my opinion – maybe it will grow on me I suppose! lol!

    thats a good point about the dkny! the autumn collections meant to be gorgeous in reality, but i really didnt like alot of the items in the latest release of dkny (especcially the fish print!)

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